MemoGel Butterfly Support

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Size 32cm wide x 19cm depth x 8.5cm height
Weight 400g
Outer Cover Soft, lightly textured 100% polyester cover
Inner Foam High Density Visco Elastic Foam with Silica Gel Pad.


MemoGel Mini Neck Rest Support in Memory Foam with a Cooling Silica Gel layer

An effective way to relieve the neck and head when sitting or lying for long periods. Suitable for travelling by road, rail or air.  Will help you to get a restful sleep on any journey. It makes travelling better!

Made from premium Visco elastic memory foam

Memory foam provides supple, yielding comfort, while the shape of the pillow prevents stiffness and soreness caused if the head tilts to the sides or falls forward.

Effectively being a mini neck support the product can also be used as a lumbar support, leg raiser or any other variety of uses

In addition, the MemoGel version adds a cooling, non-toxic silica gel pad that help to dissipate excess heat from the neck and back and sides of the head.

While a gel pad will eventually warm up to body temperature over time, it's always possible to find a cool spot by simply adjusting the position of the head

Our Neck Rest Support is ideal for adults and children and offers both comfort and support while taking up minimal space in your luggage.

The Neck Rest Support is enclosed in a soft, lightly textured polyester cover that wicks away perspiration and is easily removed for cleaning

Perfect for helping you to Get a restful sleep on long journeys and  also dozing in your favourite armchair.

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