Theramed Hand Positioning Support


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Height 17cm
Inner Polystyrene Balls
Made Australia
Depth 25cm
Width 25cm
Outer Steri Plus - Moisture and Bacteria Resistant PolyEurethane Ply bonded to a knitted polyester backing


Elevates and Supports Hand, Wrist, Thumb and Fingers to give comfort, relief and support post surgery or for increased circulation. 


The Theramed Hand Elevation Support is designed to give effective and comfortable hand support with no impact to the user. It an be used when lying down or in seating position to raise the hand and is an effective tool for relief from hand surgery, finger surgery, thumb surgery and wrist surgery. 

Easy to handle, adjust and light weight. 


Fully Adjustable and Easy to Maintain. 

The Theramed Hand Elevation is completely adjustable and the user can remove filling to lower the angle to the position that best suits user. 

The steri plus cover is easy to wipe clean and is suitable for a multitude of uses. 

Care Instructions

The Steri Plus cover will resistant to moisture, and cleans easily by wiping with mild detergent warm water, then hang to dry. Do not Tumble Dry. Do Not Use dry cleaning solvents, or phenolic disinfectants). Don't machine wash. It is an extremely sturdy material that withstands body loads. 

If poly beads inside are subject to any liquids then discard and replace with fresh beads. 

Australian Made and Designed. 

The Theramed Hand Support is designed and made here in Australia using local materials and a local and highly skilled local team of staff. We meet all Australian standards regarding health, environment and workplace expectations that Australia hold.

Simple, Comfortable and Effective. 


Give comfort to your post hand surgery and wrist surgery by giving elevation to your your hand and wrist. 

Elevation should lessen any hand pain and wrist pain by encouraging blood flow naturally through gravity benefits of raising.  

Benefits should be seen in a number of cases

- Post hand Surgery for hand surgery recovery. 

- Post wrist Surgery for wrist surgery recovery.

- Scaphoid surgery for scaphoid recovery.

- Arthritis hand pain for arthritis pain management. 


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