Body Wedge Large - Natural Body Positioning Aligner Body Pillow


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Made in Australia
Height 13cm
Depth 42cm
Width 21cm
Outer Cover Moisture Resistant Sterri Plus
Foam Inner 100% open cell high density Visco.


Generous size for a multitude of uses.

Helps to support the front, side or back and wherever requires protection in order to maximise comfort. The Wedge will help to distribute the bodys weight evenly and reduce pressure. Can be used under or next to all parts of the body. 

High Density Visco Foam

Made in Australia from the highest quality visco elastic memory foam. Great support while also offering maximum comfort for the user. 

Sterri Plus Water Resistant Cover.

Available in bacteria avoided and water resistant Sterri Plus which contains a bonded woven polyester fabric attached to a polyeurethane ply. 

Stabilise and Support

Will stabilise the trunk of the body providing support for both the front and the back. The wedge will help to prevent pressure sores and aid in the managament of existing pressure sores. By using to provide correct hip allignment tension should be eased through the back, lower back and rest of body. 

Adjustable flank for different angle

The large body wedge can have the angle changed from approximately 25 degrees down to 15 degrees for optimum comfort and positioning for the patient. 
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Therapeutic Pillow received a 97% positive customer service rating
from Feefo
in 2019

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