Thera-med Lumbar Bolster - Large D shape.


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Inner High Density Australian Traditional Foam - Very Rigid.
Outer Cover Durable Vinyl
Size 50cm x 30cm x 15cm


Durable and Reliable - The right support for a multitude of uses when being used in practice.


This high density support is the perfect partner for the professional practice. Designed to be used in multiple positions.

- under the heels when on your back.

- under the front of the ankles for comfort when on your stomach. 

- under the back of knees when on your back. 

- under the neck when required. 


Perfect for stretching and releasing tension for every person. A firm yet giving feel will allow you to use in a variety of positions.


Place it where you need when lying down in a variety of positions including:

- behind your knees to take pressure off you legs

- down your spine to allow whole back and neck to stretch out which is perfect for those that spend long periods sitting at desk or driving. 

- across lower back to provide full stretch of lumbar area. 

- across neck to allow full neck drop and stretch to relieve tension. 

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