Peanut Pillow - Out of Stock - Please refer to Travel Nut - Travel Support Pillow


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Rating 4.7 based on 50 reviews



Size 30cm x 11cm
Contents Polyester Fibrefill in a Poly/Cotton Cover


Neck Support Travel Pillow - Peanut Pillow

Handy neck support for car, couch or beach.

Colourful and portable. 


Peanut Pillow - Shaped for necks

For adults and children, this Travel Pillow is soft and supportive, adjustable, compact, washable.

Supports the neck and head allowing the muscles to relax.
Colorful and portable.

The Peanut Pillow is great for a range of functions

  • Travelling in car, train, bus or plane
  • Watching TV
  • Reading & Studying
  • On the Beach


Product dimension: 30cm x 11cm


Product: Polyester fibrefill in a Poly/cotton cover.


Product: Hand wash in mild detergent. Hand dry in sunny place. Can be machine washed and tumble dried, BUT polyester fibre may become lumpy.
Not designed for repeated washing.


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Peanut Pillow - Out of Stock - Please refer to Travel Nut - Travel Support Pillow

Rating 4.7 based on 50 reviews

4out of 5
29 Aug 2018
Service Rating : Service was good but I am not happy with the pillow as it is too hard. I would like to know if there is any way I can soften it other than undoing it and taking out some of the insert. Naturally I am disappointed as it was an expensive pill

Product : not happy with pillow as too hard

4out of 5
04 Sep 2017
Service Rating : Fast efficient service..product was as described, quality wise etc

Product : Happy with the quality of this pillow

5out of 5
14 Jun 2017
Service Rating : Very fast delivery of a quality product.

Product : Would have liked just a little give in the pillow but it does the job well.

5out of 5
02 Mar 2017
Service Rating : Great to deal with, easy website to use and print delivery

Product : This is the most comfortable travel pillow invented! It doesn't slip out of position. I never go on a long haul flight without it. I love it so much I have bought one each for the whole family ?

5out of 5
01 Jan 2017
Service Rating : Timely and efficient service. Thank you for offering the PERFECT peanut pillow.

Product : Completely perfect! The pillow offer the exact shape and specifications we require for our clients. Thank you!

5out of 5
23 Jun 2016
Service Rating : Very happy with the service and how quick the delivery of product.

Product : Excellent as my husband has back problems and this pillow is the only thing that helps him when we are travelling. Worth its weight in gold. Thank you.

5out of 5
21 Jun 2016
Service Rating : Have used this company before and always had reliable and efficient service

Product : Good exactly what I needed

5out of 5
17 Jun 2016
Service Rating : Very short time between order and delivery.

Product : Great neck support while travelling!

5out of 5
04 May 2016
Service Rating : Excellent product and excellent service - it arrived 2 days later..

Product : I had used a peanut pillow for many years but sadly it wore out!!! I had tried to buy one at many chemists then thought I may be able to purchase one on online!! Thank you it is a brilliant support pillow. I bought a second as a spare or to give away!!

4out of 5
28 Apr 2016
Service Rating : Prompt service

Product : Excellent product

5out of 5
05 Apr 2016
Service Rating : Excellent Service , Thoughtful packaging, Expedient delivery and Professional Service

Product : Excellent product , purchased for after throat surgery - would not have been comfortable without it - Thank You

5out of 5
09 Mar 2016
Service Rating : Arrived promptly

Product : I use it in the car and at the dentist. Great product

5out of 5
09 Mar 2016
Service Rating : Very simple website to use and purchase.

Product : This was a gift for my mother with severe neck issues. She absolutes loves the pillow. Excellent support, she uses it every day.

5out of 5
19 Feb 2016
Service Rating : Great excellent to deal with and postage was reasonable too.. Thanks

Product : Great little pillow.. It just the perfect size!

4out of 5
08 Feb 2016
Service prompt delivery costs higher than ideal

5out of 5
03 Feb 2016
Service Rating : No comment

Product : Excellent for neck pain

5out of 5
01 Feb 2016
Service Rating : Arrived quickly.

Product : Does what I wanted it to do.

5out of 5
04 Jan 2016
Service Rating : Ordering was easy and the pillow arrived a day earlier than expected.

Product : Just what I needed for travelling! Very comfortable!

4out of 5
30 Dec 2015
Service Rating : The pillow was as expected good quality no problems

Product : WE have not used it as yet but have had previous experince I am surre it wil deliver same result, my wife uses them on long trips for neck support and finds them great

4out of 5
12 Oct 2015
Service Rating : Transaction went very smoothly and item arrived very quickly

Product : Like pillow gives great neck support

5out of 5
08 Oct 2015
Service Rating : We received the goods just three days after ordering Good service.

Product : Very comfortable and beneficial for my wife's cervical spine problems.

5out of 5
23 Sep 2015
Customer service was very impressive

5out of 5
03 Sep 2015
Service Rating : Quick delivery

Product : The peanut pillow was great. Just what we were wanting.

5out of 5
24 Aug 2015
Service Rating : Fast delivery and easy website to use.

Product : Best travel pillow invented, supports so much better than the u shape pillows and stays in place better also.

5out of 5
23 Jul 2015
Service Rating : Great Value as described and arrived in time frame in excellent order.

Product : Excellent pillow especially as it is washable and very comfortable.

5out of 5
04 Jun 2015
Service Rating : My pillow arrived a jaw-droppingly short time after I ordered it. One sleep and it was mine - thanks guys!!!!

Product : I sleep on my peanut pillow every night - it provides wonderful support for my neck. Love it.

4out of 5
01 Apr 2015
I bought this pillow for an elderly friend. As far as I know she is happy with it.

5out of 5
25 Mar 2015
Service Rating : Everything very very satisfactory!

Product : The peanut pillow is wknderful, the service...ordering was fantastic! Thank you!

5out of 5
29 Jan 2015
Service Rating : Great delivery time!!

Product : Very supportive!

4out of 5
29 Dec 2014
Service Rating : Fast service

Product : I have bad back pain and the peanut pillow helps in the small of my back when I am sitting

4out of 5
23 Dec 2014
Service Rating : ..

Product : patient loves it!

4out of 5
16 Nov 2014
Service Rating : All good

Product : Had one before and left on a plane! Most versatile pillow for travelling. Head, back and seat!

5out of 5
08 Aug 2014
Service Rating : N/A

Product : Very prompt delivery.

5out of 5
24 Jul 2014
Service Rating : Now I can travel in the car with my fantastic Therapeutic Pillow behind my head and its perfect.

Product : I always take the pillow with me in any car.

5out of 5
15 Apr 2014
Service Rating : Easy to use on-line system and delivery was speedy!

Product : My sister loves peanut pillows and they're hard to fin. I bought 3 in case she lost some. Wish they came in pink, floral etc though.

5out of 5
16 Mar 2014
The service provided was first class. The order was placed and 2 days later, the items arrived! Excellent service and I would recommend Therapeutic Pillows to others.

5out of 5
14 Mar 2014
Service Rating : Great service. Fast delivery

Product : Good quality

5out of 5
14 Mar 2014
Love the product. And thank you for the great service and the info enclosed
with the parcel.

5out of 5
23 Oct 2013
Service Rating : first class

Product : I have wanted one of these for awhile so I purchased two, primarily based off of the reviews from other consumers. I am very pleased with them-- extremely comfortable.

4out of 5
23 Oct 2013
Service Rating : happy all round

Product : This is a real neck saver on long car or plane trips, keeps your head and neck comfortable and doesn't take up to o much space in a carry-on.

4out of 5
23 Oct 2013
Service Rating : good

Product : For less than $20, this is perfect for air travel. It's small light weight but offers really good support.

4out of 5
18 Oct 2013
Service Rating : good service, happy customer

Product : For less than $20, this is perfect for air travel. It's small light weight but offers really good support.

4out of 5
15 Oct 2013
Service Rating : Service and dispatch was good, ,unfortunately , nothing has arrived so far, they would need to look at their delivery system and parcel tracking faclity, as there are none at the moment.


5out of 5
30 Sep 2013
Service Rating : Service was excellent. Did not expect it to arrive so quickly.

Product : This was a replacement for my 92 year old mother's original peanut pillow which she uses when sitting in her recliner to support a very weak neck.

5out of 5
29 Sep 2013
Service Rating : Delivery was fast, pillow here almost before I had sent off the order.

Product : Been looking for a peanut pillow as a gift for sister who had worn out hers. Got one at same time for myself and we are both thrilled with them. Great for our nanna nap in the a/noon as we are both in 70's and find them firm but comfortable. Thank you. Love them.

5out of 5
06 Aug 2013
Service Rating : Your website is user friendly and your service is excellent.

Product : We have used your travel peanut pillows for several years now and are always very pleased. Our family use them too and we have also passed your details onto our dental hygienist as she needed to buy some for patients to use. I always take my peanut pillow with me to the dentist as it is much more comfortable in the chair! The hygienist knows my peanut pillow well and I went in this time with my new one. The old yellow one with stars and moons finally gave up - it had been around the world a couple of times too!

5out of 5
06 Aug 2013
Service Rating : very prompt

Product : exactly what I needed

5out of 5
05 Aug 2013
The peanut pillows are great for travelling

5out of 5
31 Jul 2013
Service Rating : Good product range and prompt, reliable service.

Product : Love the peanut pillows, very supportive.

5out of 5
31 Jul 2013
Service Rating : Good product range and prompt, reliable service.

Product : Love the peanut pillows, very supportive.
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