Thera-med Holey Pillow - CNH Design Relieves Ear Pressure


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Finally a Pillow designed to give you the ear relief that you need while you sleep!

Designed specifically to provide effective relief from CNH, pressure sores and chronic ear pain. The CNH Holey Pillow is designed to also help with recovery from ear surgery, ear injuries and ear piercings.

Two Options available:

- Regular Version - cotton encasement and custom slip. Just like your normal pillow with the comfort of polyfill and memory foam inner for support. This is the recommended version for most users. 

- Sterri Plus Version - Fully waterproof and easy to clean and wipe down. Suitable for hospitals, Nursing Homes, Health care providers or anywhere that product might be getting used by multiple users or on an ongoing basis by different users. 

Includes Fitted Poly/Cotton Pillow Slip

Our CNH pillow includes a specially fitted, easily removeable full  slip designed to ensure no contact is made with your ear while you sleep. Rubbing of material pillow slips can be just as irritating and painful as full exposure to a pillow so this is an absolute necessity when using a CNH pillow.

Design of the Theramed Holey Pillow with a specific focus on CNH and ear protection.

Our CNH pillow has been specifically designed to give ear pressure relief to you while you sleep and also to give you the support under your neck so that you do not inadvertantly suffer repercussions and stress to your neck and shoulders by having inadequate support. 

The pillow has an approximate hole of 12 cm which should be suitable for all those who suffer from ear pain, pressure sores, CNH, ear surgery.

The inner fill is soft polyester fibre around the ear to ensure softness even if the ear does come into contact with part of the pillow. The polyfill can be removed to lower the height of the pillow if required. 

The unique memory foam support located along both sides of the pillow ensures that good support is maintained for the neck and shoulders while the primary function of protecting the ear is maintained. 

Have an off centre positioning for the ear hole will mean that the pillow should suit both those with long necks and those with shorter necks. Ear protection for all body sizes.

For those that suffer ear pain this is the pillow for you and particularly useful for the most painful ear condition of CNH.

CNH - Chonodrodermatitis Nodularis Helicis (also known as Winklers Disease) is a type of pressure sore. It is extremely painful and will prevent you from side sleeping on your pillow. The elderly and habitual side sleepers are those that are most at risk. 

CNH will come about through ear coming into contact with pillow during the night causing skin to become irritable and painful. The Theramed Holey CNH pillow is designed to provide relief to those that suffer the CNH condition. 

The Theramed Holey Pillow is currently undergoing patient trials at the Sydney South West LHD with regards to helping to make life more comfortable for those suffering ear pressure injuries whilst in palliative care. The trial is called the "Ear Pillow Project".

The prevalence of ear pressure injuries in Palliative Care patients is high due to multiple risk factors associated with people in pailliative care. 

The current strategies for managing ear pressure injuries include: dressings, repositioning and ear cut-outs (made of foam). Comfort care is another common problem encountered with palliative patients and finding a comfortable position for these patients who have ear pressure injuries can be a challenge. We believe the Theramed Holey CNH pillow will help manage ear pressure in conjunction with the previously mentioned methods. 


Ear Piercing Pillow - Ear Piercing Relief - Ear Piercing Infection

If you are suffering from an infection or discomfort from ear piercing pain or ear cartledge damage then the holey pillow should be a very good product for providing you the relief that you require. You will be able to continue to sleep on your side and get relief from your ear piercing through the holey pillow which operates as an ear piercing pillow.


Made right here in Australia by our family owned and operated Australian business.

Hand made and produced in our Melbourne production facility you can be assured our CNH ear pressure pillow is made to the highest standards and we are sure it will meet your expectations.


Thickness Approx 14cm but filling can be removed to lower height if required.
TGA Listed Yes
Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No.174455 Device: Pillow
Size Length:56cm Width:38cm Height:12cm
Hole Position Approx 10cm from one side of pillow and 18cm from other side of pillow.
Hole Size Approx 12cm
Country of Manufacture Australian Made
Outer Cover Fine Weave 100% Pure Cotton Japara
Outer Cover - Waterproof option (green) Moisture and bacteria-resistant polyurethane ply bonded to a knitted polyester backing
Inner Fill 100% pure polyfill
Inner Foam Suport Australian Made 100% Memory Foam



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Thera-med Holey Pillow - CNH Design Relieves Ear Pressure

Rating 4.65 based on 47 reviews

5out of 5
31 Dec 2020
Service Rating : Once order was placed, delivery was prompt and efficient

Product : Very satisfied with this product

5out of 5
08 Dec 2020
Service Rating : Web site was clear and easy to navigate

Product : Fully cured the painful CNH condition

4out of 5
07 Dec 2020
Service Rating : I have an ulcer on my ear after using a memory foam pillow for many years. Very painful! My doctor told me to look these pillows up online and I found this product. The pillow with a hole for my ear arrived as promised, delivery took only a few days. The pillow was overstuffed but because of the clever design I was able to unzip the inner lining and remove the excess stuffing. I have been using the pillow for nearly three weeks now, I alternate it with a softer memory foam pillow. My only issue is the hole can collapse in on itself or be difficult to fit my head and ear into when I’ve move around in my sleep. I would like the hole to be larger too. the best thing for me is that I can now sleep on both sides, L and R. I will try to rearrange the stuffing a bit more, pack it around the periphery of the hole and see if that helps. The stuffing does seem to stay in place well so that may work. Thank you for this pillow.

Product : Please refer to my previous comments. I would like the hole to be bigger. Loved the pillow case with the gusset for the hole.

4out of 5
04 Dec 2020
Service Rating : I have a condition call chondrodmermatis and it does appear to help with this condition

Product : it does appear to provide relief for my chondrodmermatisis condition

5out of 5
01 Nov 2020
Service Rating : Excellent service, and would highly recommend, would definitely use them again, great product, my ear is much better even after only one week of use.


Product : This pillow is an excellent product, and work's even better than I thought it would, so comfortable give's me a great night's sleep.


4out of 5
30 Oct 2020
Service Rating : Helps with ear problem but hole could be a bit wider.

Product : arrived quickly after purchase. thats all i have to say

4out of 5
20 Oct 2020
Service Rating : They simply did what they were supposed to do with no frills. They met my expectations and I would buy from them again.

Product : The pillow is fine- it is exactly as advertised and I am happy with the purchase.

5out of 5
08 Oct 2020
Service Rating : Great service, great product, fast delivery

Product : great product, love it, would highly recommend

4out of 5
22 Sep 2020
Service Rating : Excellent service - Thera-med Holey Pillow - CNH Design Relieves Ear Pressure Holey - arrived quickly - sooner than expected - well packaged and was as advertised. Good quality at a reasonable price that met my medical condition. Now sleep on it every night

Product : Top service and price, fast delivery, sound quality, and met my specialist needs. Happy.

4out of 5
10 Jun 2020
Service Rating : Good product and overall service

Product : Pillow works well for my TJM issues, only problem is the pillow case kept moving around and blocking hole

4out of 5
12 Apr 2020
Service Rating : The service was fine, no problems.

Product : So far the pillow is ok, but is not as comfortable as I expected, it is still painful to lie on the affected ear.
I also think it would be helpful to include a spare case to exchange for washing purposes.

5out of 5
20 Feb 2020
Service Rating : Delivery was quite prompt

Product : It works very well but I would have thought at that price an extra pillow calse should be included so one is in the wash while using the other is in use

4out of 5
10 Jan 2020
Service Rating : Website was informative and easy to follow. Package arrived promptly and in good condition.

Product : Pillow is exactly as described. Good that stuffing can be reduced to suit personal preference as to height.

5out of 5
17 Dec 2019
Service Rating : Pillow arrived well packed and quickly. Good Service. Have had major op. on ear recently and probably should have had one years ago, however DID NOT KNOW this type of Pillow existed.

Product : Should had one years ago. DID NOT KNOW they existed

5out of 5
19 Nov 2019
Service Rating : Pillow was recommend by my doctor to help with my sores on my ear and have found it very helpful and comfortable to sleep on too.

Product : Great product

5out of 5
12 Nov 2019
Service Rating : Yes this is my second pillow with a hole. Love the pillow, web site easy to use and parcel arrived at my work address very promptly. :)

Product : Great pillow, no more ear problems.

5out of 5
07 Nov 2019
Service Rating : Fast delivery, awesome pillow!

Product : 10 years I have had sleepless nights with my ear, I can only sleep on my right side, so I would toss and fidget.. punch my pillow to try and relieve the pressure. My ear hurt constantly, day and night! I was unable to touch my ear, put my phone up to it even putting clothes over my head was so painful ???? Then the specialist told me about this pillow. one week is all it took ONE WEEK!! and I’m pain free ???? I actually cried tears of relief and joy . Thank you ????

4out of 5
29 Oct 2019
Service Rating : Very fast efficient delivery! Took a few sleeps to initially get used to the holey pillow, but now l find it really comfy and great for my ears, which are super sensitive when l sleep! No more pain when l wake up.

Product : Initially l hated it, felt rather uncomfortable, but a few nights later and it’s great! No more painful ears during my sleep. Great for people who suffer with CNH.

5out of 5
29 Oct 2019
Service Rating : Their service was excellent.Due to delivery co. Being slack,staff at Theraputic Pillows were excellent in helping with an unfortunate situation.

Product : Due to my Husband having lump in ear,the Holey Pillow helped enormously

5out of 5
12 Jul 2019
Service Rating : The pillow was exactly as it appeared on the website. It was delivered very efficiently.

Product : It has given me so relief with my sensitive ear issues. For the first time in years l am having a pain free nights sleep! I just wish l could buy more spare covers?

5out of 5
01 Jul 2019
Service Rating : The hole in the pillow has allowed me to finally be able to sleep in comfort. I totally recommend this product.

Product : This product has allowed me to finally get a comfortable sleep

5out of 5
18 Jun 2019
Service Rating : Fast delivery and a great product!

Product : Fast delivery and great product!

5out of 5
11 Jun 2019
Service Rating : Therapeutic pillow

Product : Stitching around hole is too stiff.

5out of 5
27 Apr 2019
Service Rating : Super fast delivery and the product was exactly as described.

Product : Pillow is well worth the money - it works really well for relieving ear pressure

5out of 5
27 Mar 2019
Service Rating : Excellent

Product : It works! Noticeable Improvement after a few days

5out of 5
25 Feb 2019
Service Rating : Arrived much faster than expected

Product : Was waking up often with bad ear pain....this pillow helps alot and i wake up much less often

5out of 5
02 Feb 2019
Service Rating : very comfortable pillow

Product : comfortable for my ear problem very happy with it

5out of 5
17 Dec 2018
Service Rating : Found it to be an excellent product, exactly suited to support my CNH condition.
Also I received great and supportive service over the phone when I contacted the company.

Product : Found it to be an excellent product, exactly suited to support my CNH condition.

5out of 5
14 Dec 2018
Service Rating : the item I purchased was not suitable my needs

Product : Excellent service but the holey pillow did not suit my needs. I was very happy too given a refund.

4out of 5
08 Dec 2018
Service Rating : Delivery and description, etc. fine, but I do not believe it (the pillow) works as well as it could.

Product : Concept excellent but hole needs to be slightly bigger. Find that while asleep I move off the gap.

2out of 5
16 Oct 2018
Service Rating : After ordering the pillow, I received a notice that my order had been processed etc. but then no more updates regarding the expected delivery date
After a week I phoned and was told the order is being processed and should arrive within 24 hours.
It did. However, it would be good if the company could provide a progress report - maybe when the pillow had left the workshop (for example)

Product : Dad is able to get to sleep quicker as he is not annoyed by pressure on the pinna of his ear.

5out of 5
09 Oct 2018
Service Rating : I ordered it on a Thursday and it arrived on the Friday afternoon, the pillow itself is the best investment I have ever made. I can highly recommend this for people who have CNH

Product : Best pillow ever, highly recommended for people who suffer with CNH

5out of 5
20 Aug 2018
Service Rating : Good description, easy to order and speedy delivery

Product : It took me an few nights to get used to it but once done I find it very effective and a real relief. The only small gripe is with the cover - the seam is very uncomfortable against the face, but maybe that's just me. Instead I use a loose silk pillow case that I can adjust over the hole. All up, very happy to find just what I needed as well as being made here in Australia ????

5out of 5
07 Jul 2018
Service Rating : No complaints - prompt delivery!

Product : Good value, prompt service and great relief after an ear operation.

5out of 5
04 Jul 2018
Service Rating : Prompt delivery, product in good condition. Good communication re delivery expectation.

Product : Great practical pillow to relieve pressure on the ear

5out of 5
16 Jun 2018
Service Rating : Great service and goods turned up on time.

Product : I brought this pillow for my partner as he complained of sore ears, due to this he slept of his back which meant he snored which in turn meant I didn’t sleep .. so maybe I really brought the pillow for me. My partner loves the pillow and even takes it with him when he goes away for work and since using the pillow I am getting a lot more sleep so wins all around. Only negative the pillow has is due to the pillow having a plastic cover the pillow case moves sometimes through the night so my partner sometimes (very rarely) wakes up a little stiff in the neck.

5out of 5
23 May 2018
Service Rating : Fast delivery time and we’ll packaged.

Product : Great service and prompt delivery.

4out of 5
19 May 2018
Service Rating : The product arrived within the week without any problems.

Product : The product arrived in good time without any problems. The pillow is comfortable and the hole is in the perfect spot for my sore ear, which is healing well now.

5out of 5
07 May 2018
Service Rating : Quick and easy purchase. Pillow is the very first time in ten years my husband can sleep without tmj ear and jaw pain. Great product and will be ordering more.

Product : Amazing product and arrived very quickly

4out of 5
27 Apr 2018
Service Rating : The delivery time was as expected and nice and prompt, although we did not get the notification email to say it had been sent so we were unsure of the order status for some time

Product : It has certainly helped with regard to my sore ear problems. It has taken some time to get used to the overall design and firmness of the pillow but now I am used to it I am starting to sleep much better.

5out of 5
07 Mar 2018
Service Rating : Very helpful and would buy from them again

Product : I'm still getting used to sleeping on a pillow with a hole in the middle but it has certainly helped me with my ear problem

5out of 5
05 Feb 2018
Service Rating : Happy with product, service and delivery. Fantastic product. Made in Australia! Packaged better than a Christmas present :D

Product : have already done this - see above

5out of 5
05 Feb 2018
Service Rating : This has given wonderful relief from ear pain. This pillow is for my wife. I have tried all types of home made devises to no avail. The construction of this pillow is obviously the result of much study and research.

Product : Very fast service. Hard to believe it got here in 7 days.

5out of 5
25 Dec 2017
Service Rating : Easy to deal with. Great customer service when i called to ask a question.
Would reccomend.

Product : Great product. Very comfy to sleep on

4out of 5
07 Nov 2017
Service Rating : Prompt home delivery at a price. Quality product which lives up to its claim.

Product : Effective relief for CNH although a bit firmer than used to.

5out of 5
24 Oct 2017
Service Rating : The order went through hassle-free and the pillow was delivered promptly. The pillow itself is perfect for relieving my wife's sore ear problem. Thank you. I would recommend Therapeutic Pillows for anyone looking at solving sleep discomfort issues.

Product : The CNH pillow has relieved my wife's sore ear problem

4out of 5
15 Sep 2017
Service Rating : The only problem was that no special pillowcase was mentioned with the add for the Holey Pillow. It was only later by phone call that I found out a pillowcase was available. So I had to order again for that incurring additional delivery charge.

Product : The narrower part of the pillow (supporting the neck) needs extra packing to make it firmer and supportive.
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