Support U - Side Positioning Pillow - Minimise Snoring by Preventing Back Sleeping


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Want to stop snoring?  Been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea?  Want the best sleep possible? 

The Support U pillow is designed to do all of this. Achieve great results duing the night with this patented Australian Development. 

Whether you have been diagnosed with Sleep apnoea, wear an oral appliance or simply snore too much - this is the product that will help by forcing you to sleep on your side. 

The memory foam and polyfill construction has been created with the everyday snorer in mind by keep you off your back while you rest. It will assist with positional sleep apnoea and should reduce snoring caused by back sleeping relaxation. 

This is the most affordable and effective way to alleviate snoring and should be the answer to a more rest full sleep for you and your partner. It will help you to get your life and your sleep back on track.  

Benefits of the Support U Side Sleeping Pillow


Drug Free - Benefit from a good nights sleep without the need for medications to relieve snoring. 

Comfortable - The U shape design of the Support U Pillow will allow you to be supported while falling and staying asleep. 

Supplement - The pilow can be used in addition to any oral appliance or CPAP for your benefit. The pillow may also make wearing a CPAP more tolerable. 

Affordable - The Support U pillow can have a dramatic effect on improving your health and well being for a fraction of the price of other products. 

Happy Partner - Need we say anymore! 



Snoring can be massive issue in many relationships. Partners often have trouble sleeping due to others snoring in the household which can lead to tiredness and a lack of ability to focus at work or be alert during the day. Often the problem leaves the snorer feeling guilty for being the cause and can lead to sleeping in the other room.

Many treatments are available for snoring which can include surgery, nasal strips, chin straps, snoring rings and assorted other products. Many people try all or some without success. The majority of snorers tend to only snore when they are on their backs in the "supine position" which is why the Support U Side Sleeping Pillow can assist to minimise snoring. Let the Support U benefit everyone by keeping you off your back and giving you a chance to stop snoring.  

What is the Cause of Snoring?


Nasal obstruction as a result of a deviated septum, sinus infection, allergies, large adenoids (large tonsils) are all possible snoring causes. The main cause however is due to the relaxation of muscles during your sleep. When you are on your back, some parts of your throat will vibrate as a reslet of the muscles that hold open the pharynx relaxing. During the night your airflow can cause the tissues around the palate and throat to vibrate which will give rise to increased snoring. When breathing the tissues will vibrate and make noise as the airway narrows. The narrower the airway the more easy vibration will occur and the louder snoring will be. 

The Support U Side Sleeping Pillow is designed to keep you off your back and make you sleep on your side so that you and your partner get the best sleep possible. 

Who can use the Support U pillow



Anyone can use this pillow. If you are a snorer or have sleep apnea or just want a comfortable product that supports you and keeps you off your back. 

Is the Support U easy to use? 


Yes the product is simple and effective. It does not require any training or a medical expert to recommend or explain. The product has been designed by leading Sleep Apnea Expert Sam Talpis. 

Is the Support U comfortable?


Extremely. It is a specially designed pillow with poly fill and memory foam filling. It is designed to be able to be adjusted by removing material if you find it too high. The user can sleep with the firmer foam bolster either on their front or back depending on their requirements individually. 

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnoea?


When you breathe air will flow through the nose and past the soft tissues at the back of the throat. These tissues in the upper throat will relax as you sleep and they will sag back and temporarily block the passage of air - hence snoring will occur. 

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea will occur when a person stops breathing temporarily while asleep and can occur hundreds of time during the night. These gaps in breathing are called apnoeas. Obstructive Sleep Apnoea will be classified by this absence of air flow for at least 10 seconds at a time. 

Sleep Apnoea is normally accompanied by snoring, sleep disturbance and daytime tiredness and many people are not even aware they have the issue. 

Health Concerns as a result of untreated OSA


- Hypertension and High Blood Pressure

- Diabetes Type 2

- Disease of the Heart

- Stroke

- Heart Attack

- Obesity 

- Lack of concentration, memory and function

Will the Support U Cure OSA or help Diagnose OSA?


Unfortunately only a sleep study can help with the diagnosis of Sleep Apnoea. The Support U Pillow is designed to assist in alleviating symptoms by encouraging side sleeping in the lateral position. The pillow can be used in conjunction with oral appliance (mandibular advancement splint) or with CPAP. 


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Support U - Side Positioning Pillow - Minimise Snoring by Preventing Back Sleeping

Rating 5 based on 1 reviews

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16 Dec 2019
Service Rating : Service was excellent. Helped with a number questions i had - they were very patient and understanding - and gave me very honest appraisal of how the products work and may help with my requirements.

Product : Took a little bit of time to get used to but now find very comfortable and my wife says my snoring has reduced alot since i have been using it.
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