Ultra-fresh - Anti-bacterial, anti-allergen treatment for foam


Laboratory tests show that foams, fibres and fabrics treated with Ultra-Fresh at the manufacturing stage provide effective control of house dust mites as well as controlling the growth of bacteria, moulds, mildew and fungi - important triggers for allergenic and asthmatic responses, particularly in children.

Ultra-Fresh is a proven anti microbial and anti bacterial compound that has passed the most stringent international testing procedures for efficacy and safety.

In fact, Ultra-Fresh has been performance proven in many applications over 40 years.

Products treated with Ultra-Fresh also:

  • have lasting hygenic freshness;
  • resist deterioration, discolouration and degadation caused by fungi and bacteria;
  • have longer life than untreated products;
  • provide effective odour protection.

For more information on Ultra Fresh go to their website: http://www.ultra-fresh.com.au/

Published by: Therapeutic Pillow