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Go to sleep, get smart

"It's for your own good" parents often tell their children and when it comes to a strict bedtime they're right.

Youngsters who go to bed at the same time every night turn out to be more intelligent, research suggests

A study has shown those who had regular bedtimes were better at languages, reading and maths than those who did not.

And the earlier a child went to bed, the quicker they were at learning.

Preschool children who had less than the recommended 11 hours sleep a night ran the risk of falling behind.

The research from SRI International, and independent research institute in California, looked at how children aged four had developed.

Dr Erika Gaylor, who led the study, said: "Getting parents to set bedtime routines can be an important way to make a significant impact on children's emergent literary and language skills."

Melbourne Herald Sun, Tue 8/6/10

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