Self Care Tips

Back ache or sore shoulders

Do you ever get a back ache or sore shoulders?
If so, simply take a tennis ball, lean against something solid (the back of your chair, a wall) and use the tennis ball for acupressure on your pain point. Instant relief.
Extra Tip: Put the tennis ball in an old stocking to help place it in hard to reach spots!

Low-back pain

If you have low-back pain, bed rest for a day or two is generally better than a week in bed. Protracted bed rest may be counterproductive. You should begin to walk as soon as the acute pain subsides.

Restless leg syndrome

To help prevent restless leg syndrome (uncontrollable spasms in the lower leg when lying in bed), stretch or massage the affected muscles before going to sleep, and/or wear long socks to bed. The application of heat or cold compresses may help. Avoid caffeine in the evening. And don't smoke.

Heartburn Prevention

To prevent heartburn at night try elevating the head of your bed by at least six inches (wooden blocks or a couple of phone books will do the trick). Alternatively try using a Contoured Bed Wedge to elevate yourself rather than the bed.

This may prevent the most common cause of heartburn - gastroesophageal reflux, the backup of stomach contents into the lower oesophagus where gastric acids produce a burning sensation.

Make your own ice pack for icing injuries

Make your own frozen gel pack for icing injuries by partially filling a heavy-duty plastic freezer bag with a mixture of one-quarter rubbing alcohol and three-quarters water.
Seal the bag, then seal it inside a second plastic bag.
Place it in the freezer.
The gell will remain soft (the more alcohol you use, the softer it will be), making it gentler on injuries than hard ice packs.

Published by: Therapeutic Pillow