Best Pillow For Your Child

So where do we start for children?

We suggest three to four years, a low pillow (because most youngsters finish up on their stomachs at some stage during the night and you don't want their little heads jerked upwards too much and therefore throw their spine's out!), so a pillow of the approximate parameters as the Tranquillow Child's pillow is an ideal start.

Selecting The Best Pillow For Your Child

Selecting the best pillow for your child can be difficult. So here we are to offer you some answers to common questions and concerns.

Everybody sleeps differently, and we all have different physiques. Long necks, short necks; broad shoulders, fine shoulders; big heads, small heads.



A child's pillow should be contoured in order to encourage the natural alignment of the spine during sleep, and be small enough to accommodate most young physiques.

A child's pillow should be made from a very soft premium grade foam which contains anti-bacterial properties to inhibit dust mites and other foreign matter.
In other words makes the environment within

Therapeutic Pillow International pillows all contain approved anti-bacterial properties.

Do NOT go near a feather or down pillow for your child.
Dust mites love organic matter. That simple. Also, feathers move around with a pillow and afford little or no neck support. Don't do it!


We suggest the Tranquillow Children's pillow around three plus, and within a year or two of age three to four, then move into the Family Pillow Junior model, which is a larger all round pillow featuring a super-soft egg foam surface. This pillow is also mildly contoured to encourage the natural alignment of the spine during sleep.

Family Pillow Junior model is also a low pillow, so if your child does turn onto his or her stomach during sleep then the neck wil

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