Pregnancy Related Conditions

Condition: Relaxin and Progesterone Hormone Production

Description and Effect of Relaxin and Progesterone Hormone Production

Relaxin and Progesterone are both hormones that are produced during pregnancy to facilitate the birth process. Relaxin softens and lengthens the cervix and the pubic symphysis in preparation for birth, and Progesterone makes ligaments more lax and flexible to allow changes to take place within the uterus and pelvic bone so that a natural delivery can take place.

The presence of these hormones within the body also causes other bones and ligaments to soften, lengthen and become more lax, which can lead to injuries such as dislocated or strained hips, knees, ankles, wrists and increased back pain.


Often expectant mothers find that a lot of soreness and potential damage occurs during the night and is not noticed until they rise in the morning. This is caused by inadequate support whilst sleeping, which leads to inadvertently lying in awkward and/or potentially damaging sleeping positions for long periods of time during the night.

The Side Snuggler is designed to provide complete front and back support for expectant mothers where the height, direction and strength of the left and right arms of the pillow make sure that a comfortable and therapeutic side sleeping position is maintained throughout the night. The nook section of the pillow ensures that the neck and head are aligned with the body in a side sleeping position that is sustained throughout the night, as the pillow remains nestled within the neck cavity area and is not impeded by the shoulder.


Condition: Back and Neck Strain

Description and Effect of Back and Neck Strain

70% of back pain during pregnancy is related to musculoskeletal changes. During pregnancy, the uterus grows larger with the weight of the foetus and amniotic fluid, thus shifting the mother’s centre of gravity and causing increasing strain on her back muscles and ligaments. This, in turn, can cause back related neck pain and strain. This condition is further exacerbated by the spine elongating and the production of Relaxin and Progesterone hormones, causing many expectant mothers to incur some form of back strain and/or sciatic nerve damage.


One of the vital recuperative treatments for pregnant women is to get plenty of rest which can prove more difficult in the latter part of the pregnancy due to the size of the growing foetus. The Side Snuggler has proven to be a vital component of every pregnant mother’s preventative and recuperative treatment to back and neck strain/injury by providing complete support to the neck and back through its unique adjustment capability. Its ability to be completely adjustable ensures that every woman can adjust the height and density of the pillow to provide optimal body alignment, maintain a comfortable therapeutically correct position and ensure a restful and recuperative sleep cycle.


Condition: Fetal and Uterine Trauma

Description and Effect of Fetal and Uterine Trauma

During pregnancy, as the uterus grows, it extends into the abdomen and out of the protection of the pubic bones and pelvis, thus making it more susceptible to trauma. Because the growing uterus is suspended, in a hammock like fashion, from the uterine ligaments, even abrupt movements, such as a sudden deceleration in a car accident without direct trauma, constant tossing and turning during the night or a savage turning spasm whilst sleeping, can jolt the uterus, potentially causing damage to either the foetus, placenta or uterine wall.


The Side Snuggler’s unique shape and supportive qualities of the arms, reduces tossing and turning by up to 80% and is virtually impossible for an expectant mother to abruptly or savagely twist out of position whilst asleep, thus preventing any unconscious trauma to the foetus or uterus whilst sleeping.


Condition: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Description and Effect of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

As you retain water later in pregnancy, swelling puts pressure on the nerves in your wrist. As a result, carpal tunnel syndrome can develop, especially if the expectant mother des a lot of typing or other repetitive type work/exercise.


If carpal tunnel develops, the medical treatment for this injury is to splint the wrist and keep the affected area elevated. This proves to be very difficult whilst sleeping. The Side Snuggler’s uniquely designed arms allows a carpal tunnel sufferer to maintain an elevated position for their wrist thought the night, no matter what side they wish to sleep on. By maintaining this elevated position, the Side Snuggler assists in the reduction of the swelling in the affected area, which then helps relive the pain and symptoms of such an injury.


Condition: Preeclampsia

Description and Effect of Preeclampsia

Roughly 5% of pregnant women will develop preeclampsia during pregnancy. Preeclampsia is a highly dangerous condition that can cause reduced fetal growth, constriction of oxygen flow to the placenta, fitting in pregnant mothers or progression to Eclampsia, which is a potentially life threatening condition for either the mother, foetus or both.

Symptoms of preeclampsia are high blood pressure, protein leakage into the urine, swelling in the hands and feet and blurry or loss of vision.


Although there are no guaranteed prevention measures for preeclampsia, medical professionals do encourage pregnant mothers to take measures that will reduce the onset of any and all of the above symptoms. Lying in a side sleeping position has been verified as being highly effective in reducing swelling and blood pressure as well as increasing kidney function, all of which will help expectant mothers reduce the risk of developing preeclampsia.

The Side Snuggler is the foremost posture correction device that keeps expectant mothers comfortably on their side throughout the night and also provides them with a restful nights sleep to promote optimal relaxation and recuperative benefits.


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