Medical Seat Cushions & Medical Pillows

What are medical cushions?

Health Professionals use a variety of wedges to position patients for various treatment techniques and recommend them for home use to help restore and maintain improvements gained in therapy. Therapeutic Pillow makes an extensive range of medical cushions some with precision-cuts for both the clinic and for home use.


These orthopaedic cushions are designed to meet varying medical conditions:

  • to provide support while sitting,
  • to support the body's trunk,
  • to support limbs.

As well there are medical cushions to support and/or realign the lumbar spine.
Also available are cushions with varying cutouts to relieve pressure.

These orthopaedic cushions that are available in standard and memory foam to meet differing medical needs.

Most cushions come with a removable cover for easy cleaning.


Flat Medical Cushions

Designed for individuals in need of a light-weight, general use cushion. Created with both the caregiver and user in mind, these cushions provide comfort for those with no risk of skin breakdown.

For a maintenance free solution, choose the product in the Steri-Plus cover that can be easily wiped down for disinfecting/cleaning.


Medical Cushions - Body Wedges


Medical Wedge Cushions & Seat Wedges

Balanced pelvic tilt - A pelvic tilt wedge cushion is designed to tilt the pelvis correctly, so the spine is in its natural neutral position and to decrease pain in the lower back and legs.

Aligns spine to it's natural curve - A medical wedge cushion will sure the user's spine is in its natural, balanced position when seated, with the hips above the knees, relieving abnormal stresses in the lower spine.


Coccyx Cushions & Coccyx Wedge Cushions

Coccyx cushions are designed to relieve the pain from a sore or bruised coccyx when seated. Precisely shaped, with a 'horse-shoe' cut-out under the coccyx area avoids any direct pressure on the coccyx, a delicate and easily aggravated area of the lower spine.

Coccyx Wedge Cushions can be used in almost any type of seats at home, in the office, in cars etc.

In addition to relieving pressure on the coccyx a Wedge Shaped Coccyx Cushion will help your spine to maintain it's natural, balanced 'S' shape by tilting your pelvic gently forward to ensure a perfectly balanced posture when seated, and stop the user hunching forward and straining the spine, back and lower lower back.


Medical Cushions with cut-outs

Medical Cushions with cut-outs in differing places are useful when sitting would normally cause pain due to the effects of surgery, including episiotomies; unhealed wounds; haemorrhoids; bruising; coccydinia, etc. Included in this category of Medical Cushions are Coccyx Cushions & Medical Donut Cushions.

Scientifically designed and clinically proven to offer cost effective non-invasive pain management to alleviate most perineal / perianal problems.


Memory Foam Medical Cushions

Manufactured with a Visco elastic Memory Foam topping to help ease lower back pain the Diffuser Cushion and is available with coccyx cut out. The special cut at the back of the Diffuser Coccyx Cushion helps to relieve the build up of pressure on the base of the spine. These Memory Foam Medical Cushions are particularly beneficial when sitting for long periods for example at work or whilst driving.

- Supreme comfort
- Even weight distribution
- Pressure relieving memory foam
- Ideal when sitting for long periods
- Available with coccyx cut out for coccyx pain relief


Limb Support Cushions



Medical Gel Cushions

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Meditation cushions

Meditation cushions are very useful for maintaining the correct posture during meditation.




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