Kids floor pillows - Support yourself on the floor

Kids floor pillows are very versitile

Kids floor pillows can offer your children a comfortable way to lie on the flooor and still feel supported.

What is a floor pillow? A floor pillow is a cushion or extra large pillow that is often used as extra seating or for added comfort when lounging on the floor.


Kids floor pillow


Floor pillows are located in our body pillows category

Therpeutic Pillow International offers a number of body pillows or 'floor pillows' as some call them. The CuddleUp body pillow is the bigger of the two.  Whilst the Lucky 7 body pillow is also great and a little smaller.


Floor pillow for kids - shows mother and child


Floor pillows are not just for the kids. They cant be used for almost anything.

Get yourself and your children a floor pillow today and be more comfortable when relaxing on the floor.

Cuddle up body pillow - floor pillow


Kids floor pillow woman for children

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