Back and Neck Care - How to lift properly

25% have bad backs

Health authorities generally concede that around 25% of the population suffer continual back or neck problems, and that the remainder of the population experience minor neck and back problems from time to time.

And one of the main reasons is that we are still not taught how to lift. Ask any child or adult what the safe way is to lift and 95% won't know. Most go through life leaning forward to lift ... thus the spine takes the full brunt of the forces!

When you think about it, it's only in recent times in terms of evolution that man has been walking on two legs as distinct from being on all fours. Simply, the physical development of our backs hasn't kept pace with the development of the rest of our anatomy.

So, we must be taught to preserve our backs. This means lift correctly by not bending over to lift, and also to regularly exercise in order to keep it as strong as possible.


How to lift

Lift with your legs, not your back!

You should with affect lift with your legs. Bend the knees and hips (not the waist) before you grasp the object, and with a straight back simply stand up. Your legs (which are disproportionately well built to your back) and hips will accept the whole load.

It's so simple, but when you only have to forget how to correctly perform the lifting technique just once in your life, and it may cost you a good back for the rest of your life.

Another important hint to lifting heavy objects is to hold the object close to your chest (touching if possible). For goodness sake don't hold the object at arms length in front of you, because your back will tell you it doesn't like that!


Tell you children again and again

Things which are not considered important by children, are quickly forgotten. So, continually remind your child the correct way to lift. Demonstrate with different size and weight objects. You can never show them too many times.

You may have back problems purely because no-one took time out during your youth to demonstrate how to lift. Don't let it happen to your children!

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Published by: Therapeutic Pillow