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"Dear Staff at TPI,

This is just a little 'Gold Star Award' letter.

On the search for 'the' pillow I received fantastic phone service from a very delightful lady, (apologies - I've forgotten her name!) and wanted to acknowledge that.

She restored my belief that there are helpful friendly sales staff out there. Yes we ended up with 3 Dove Pillows (throught your Perth Agent) and a bonus ..... the husband ½ isn't snoring any more!!!!!

Keep up the great work! "
from WYALKATCHEM, WA Australia

"I thought I would let you know that the pillows arrived yesterday (Thurs).
Thanks very much for the prompt service, much appreciated. Regards"
from Auckland New Zealand

" As an OLD person, who spent all their working life in sales or marketing, feel that I can make some comment about your firm.

I think I would be considered a problem customer, as I am a private, one off customer, but feel I can still comment. I have obtained only two pillows from your organisation.

1. If not the Market Leader, your product would have to be in the very top range.
2. Your packaging and information supplied is first class.
3. The person who your customers first make contact with (Wendy) is efficient, friendly, and a pleasure to do business with.
4. Both my partner (Peggie) and myself have NEVER had a better nights sleep."

Peggie Conabere & Tom Manion

"Collected pillow today and it looks terrific.
Thanks for organising delivery so quickly."
from Rozelle NSW 2039

"Thank you for your help regarding the Dual Zone pillow, I have placed my order today using the number 1 link on the ordering page. It was a very smooth transaction which I appreciate being an older person, sometimes dealings on-line can be rather daunting since often they aren't user friendly. I can't possibly complain about this transaction."

from Bundaberg Qld

"A friend of mine recommended your company to me. She said this is the only place she buys pillows. When I called her to tell her how quickly you’d responded to my problem – and successfully too – her response was 'I'm not surprised. That's why I like them.'

But I'm surprised – and pleased! Good customer service is very rare these days."

from Cheltenham, VIC 3192



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