Biggest Mistakes People Make When Buying Traditional or Regular Foam Mattress Overlays and Mattress Toppers.


In a nutshell, the more you pay for a traditional convoluted (eggfoam) mattress topper, the better it will perform over a long period of time!

You buy a thin eggfoam overlay from a bedding or discount store at a cheap price, and that?s exactly what you'll get - a cheap product that will do virtually nothing to diffuse pressure points, and it will likely have a short life span due to it little or no support under the body's constant load. It will also be made from a low density foam of dubious quality!

Therapeutic Pillow International doesn't fool around with cheap traditional foam overlays. It only produces its Body Huggar topper in one foam quality, high quality, premium density, 6 cm thick, and its overlay is designed to not only last many many years, but also provide even support for your body and diffuse load bearing pressure points so that your body in affect feels as though it is floating. May sound over the top, but that is the expectation.



Don't waste your money on a cheap overlay. It won't work for you!

Published by: Therapeutic Pillow