A guide to buying a memory foam overlays / toppers

A guide to buying the right mattress overlay / topper

Memory Topper with hand showing imprintIt is hard to go wrong with a quality Australian-made Memory foam mattress overlay/topper. Reason is that most toppers are around 5 cm thick (two inches) and even if the foam feels a little firm to start with, it will soften due to its temperature-sensitive properties when it comes into contact with your body's natural warmth.

At 5 cm thick, mattress toppers are specifically designed to fit snugly under your bottom sheet. It needs to be said that due to its thinness it obviously doesn't have the 'body' of a normal mattress and is therefore subject to greater download forces from the body, and there may be a problem over time with the tear strength (fracturing) of the foam. This will be more evident under the shoulders, buttocks and feet region where the load bearing and movement are greater, but you should get at least a minimum few years out of your topper, and if you turn it around and over often during its lifecycle and change the load regions then you will increase its life time.


Memory Mattress Topper in 4 great szies

Best of both worlds

The complex molecular structure of Memory Mattress Topper ensures that it will feel slightly firm when you first lie on it if the room's temperature is cool, but it softens as your body warms it and it quickly 'submits' to the body's weight and allows you to sink into it without any sag.


There's foams and there's foams:

Can we explain the respective levels of foam quality in overlays, and what you should look out for:

  1. The discount store eggcrate overlay - always in low-grade traditional foam that is thin, completely lacking in density, and which bottoms out within days under the body's load. A complete waste of money!
  2. Our "Body Huggar" eggcrate overlay is comprised of thick, heavy density, high quality 'soft' traditional foam and which features a built-in lumbar support column. This overlay will last forever.
  3. Our new Mattress Topper in Memory Foam completely moulds to the body's contours and pressure points. Virtually zero resistance. Luxurious feel. Won't bottom out.
  4. More information on foam.


Memory Mattress Topper in use lower


Mattress toppers in Memory foam are a fantastic addition to your sleep needs. They diffuse and cushion your body, and obviate the need for you to upgrade to an expensive mattress which, it must be said, may still not do the job the salesperson has said it will do!

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