Thinking that heavier is better!


Most Memory Foam pillows are of an extremely heavy density (they weigh a lot) and it is a misconception that the heavier memory foam is the more appropriate it is for the application. Not true!

What you have to be careful of is the length of time it takes for your impression to come back out of the foam. If it takes any longer than say four or five seconds, then the chances are that when you sleep on it, your head will keep sinking and eventually your face and ear will be crushed. In other words, you keep going down! This means you eventually get little or no balanced support for the neck and head, and thus distortion of the spine may occur.

The key to memory foam being compatible to your needs is that it has to STOP subsiding at some point before it compresses too much and you lose any advantage in respect to the marriage between pressure diffusing support, and comfort.

Therapeutic Pillow International uses only premium quality memory foams that are selected to suit an individual's needs. For instance the density and softness used for the CompleteSleeprrr adjustable pillow range is designed to cushion you in comfort, and continue to provide ongoing support WITHOUT subsiding too far. We use a mid-range density, and this also has the added advantage of the memory foam being able to 'breathe' ... which means healthier sleep because you don't overheat.

Our Satin Beauty memory foam pillow also uses a similar memory foam to that of CompleteSleeprrr, and it is designed to NOT over-compress. And the same applies to the SleepAway travel pillow. Ongoing comfort and support, while still naturally aligning the spine. Not too dough-like. That is the key!



The more you pay the better the result? Quite to the contrary with Memory foam. Don't be fooled by fancy prices. It's usually just someone trying to make more money out of what we regard as probably an inferior product, and it usually applies to imported memory foam which apart from being unnecessarily 'heavy', is also subject to heavy duty (tariff) and freight. Our Memory foam is made right here in Australia. It's simply the best!

Published by: Therapeutic Pillow