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What is latex foam
Anti-bacterial properties
Care instructions for latex foam
Foam Discoloration

What is latex foam rubber?

If you're seeking an eco-friendly, bio-degradable, and sustainable product ... then latex is it!

Pure latex is harvested by tapping the milk (sap) of the small tropical tree Heavea Braziliensis, and these trees are in plantation form in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Malaysia was historically the world's largest producer of natural latex, but the last 20 years has seen much of its plantations removed and replaced by palm trees for palm oil. That has provided the opportunity for other Asian countries, including a looming China, to plant Heavea Braziliensis.

The latex is retrieved from the trees in liquid form, and undergoes numerous emulsifying processes from that point to the final stage when it is poured into a mould and forms the end product.

Latex is known for its wonderful pressure-diffusion properties, and this is brought about though the thousands of interconnecting cells within its structure that allow for even dispersion of load.

Latex also has wonderful longevity integrity, and you can expect it to support you, ongoing, in comfort, for many, many years. Of course just like any product that undergoes continual load bearing it will soften in time, but it is generally a more gradual softening than that of synthetic foam.

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Anti-bacterial properties

Pure latex is non-toxic and contaminant free, and it contains a natural bacterial repellent that inhibits bacterial and fungal growth. It thus provides an inhospitable environment for dust mites.


Care instructions for latex foam

Don’t immerse latex in water! If you do it may never completely dry as water will enter the internal network of 'corridors' and be virtually trapped.

If you so desire you can dab clean the exterior of your latex product with a damp cloth, using warm water and mild detergent, but be careful not to let it soak in. Just the surface and dab dry.

Leave in area of good airflow, away from direct sunlight, and it should dry soon enough.

Do not spin or tumble dry, as this may cause latex to tear and this will be compounded with use.

Air pillow, away from direct sunlight, every month or so.


Foam Discoloration

Latex will discolor with age, but this will not affect its longevity properties. Never leave in direct sunlight as this will impact on the product’s life in that direct rays will impact on the elastic integrity.

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