Tempur & Dentons Pillows

Therapeutic Pillow International's view on Tempur & Dentons Pillows

Just what are the facts on Tempur and Dentons and anyone else that makes moulded pillows in visco elastic memory foam or urethane foam:


Let’s talk about Tempur first.  Who are they, and what is it?

Tempur logoTempur is an overseas company that exports its Tempur visco elastic memory foam  pillows and mattresses and mattress toppers to Australia. 

Tempur pillows and mattresses use a heavyweight visco elastic memory foam that feels interesting but in our mind is not necessarily provide the ideal mix of density and comfort for ongoing and even support to the neck and head, and where a mattress or topper is concerned … to the body.  That is not to say that it is not a quality visco elastic memory foam.  It is! 



Therapeutic Pillow International

Therapeutic Pillow logoBut we at Australian-owned Therapeutic Pillow International really does not see any need to use unnecessarily expensive imported visco elastic Tempur memory foam because we use high quality Australian produced visco elastic memory foam instead ….visco elastic memory foam that has wonderful comfort and longevity qualities, as well as ‘breathability’, and is made right here!

The Australian produced visco elastic memory foam does everything and more, and we use it for our CompleteSleeprrr memory foam adjustable pillow in both ORIGINAL (soft) and PLUS (firmer) versions, for the Tranquillow range in both Medium and Low sizes, for our Satin Beauty visco pillow, and also for the top layer in our Dual Zone pillow.  All premium pillows, and each with their respective appeal.  

We don’t need to use the heavier and dense Tempur visco elastic memory foam style because we don’t think it is necessary to use such heavy grade highly expensive visco elastic memory foam.   It’s that simple, and we are quite open about our feelings on it.




Dentons logoSo what about the Dentons range of urethane moulded pillows?  Well, we don’t mould our pillows like Dentons does;  we cut them using state of the art laser guided engineering and this way we are able to achieve shapes and angles which perfectly mould to your comfort and postural needs.  And by cutting, rather than moulding, we allow each of our pillows to ‘breathe’ as there is no ‘skin’ left on the pillow’s surface which can often be an issue with moulded products.  


The wrap up

So to wrap up the difference between Tempur, Dentons, and our pillows in visco elastic memory foam or basic traditional urethane:  We have been around since 1973 (36 years), and our track record in producing what we consider is the best pillow range in the world … is without peer.   The key is in the right marriage between materials used in the construction, coupled with perfect density (‘feel’) relative to the user’s physique and sleeping position.  And the product’s longevity properties as well.   Postural comfort encouraging the spine’s natural alignment during the night.   That’s what you look for, and that’s what we can offer you.     

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