Length 56cm
Width 20 cm
Cleaning Instructions Wipe Clean Using General Purpose Cleaner
Material EVA


The Ablespine - The Answer to a Safer and More Effective Spinal Stretch


With the vast majority of your brain/body feedback passing through your upper back and neck - it is imperative that your posture and alignment are in sync to ensure a healthy nervous system - and better health overall. The Ablespine provides an easy and effective method to stretch and reinvigorate your spine and posture. 

The unique wrap around surface will give support where required and allow your body to relax, recover and realign safely. 


Ablespine Exercises - A Unique design that allows your spine to Relax, Recover and Realign - through some simple postures that anyone can do. 

The Relaxation Posture - Lie back with your head cradled on the Ablespine and bring your knees up to about 90 degrees and then put your arms to the side with your palms facing up. Take deep breaths and hold this posture for 6-8 minutes at a time. 

The Chest Expansion - Lie back with your head cradled on the Ablespine and bring your knees up to about 90 degrees and then put your arms out wide with your palms facing up. Take deep breaths and hold this posture for 6-8 minutes at a time. 

Spinal Traction for Better Alignment and Posture - Lie back with your head cradled on the Ablespine and bring your knees up to about 90 degrees. Stretch your arms back to either side of your ears and breathe deeply for five deep breaths, holding each breath for 2-3 seconds before gently exhaling. 

Ablespine provides a stretch that is more targeted, is safer than a Foam Roller, is better for your back and backed by science. 


The patented design supports the natural curvature of your spine and simply lie on the Ablespine and allow your body to relax, realign and recover safely. The benefits of the Ablespine include

- Maintaining correct spinal alignment. 

- Improving posture.

- Maximising your range of motion safely and minimising risk of injury.

- Better breathing and rib expansion. 

- Simple and easy to use daily for better general wellness. 


Backed by Clinical Trials, Rigorously Tested and TGA approved. 

Designed by Chiropractor Theo Roubos and Co Founder Harry Petridis, the Ablespine was over 3 years in the making from concept to final product. With a commitment to finding a solution to prevent injuries and allow users to better stretch their backs - Ablespine was developed. 

After 7 working prototypes, Ablespine is now patented and the TGA approved design will safely stretch, realign and improve posture for all body types. The final product not only looks amazing but works amazingly. 

Ablespine is TGA approve and registered as a Spinal Orthosis Class 1 Medical Device that can be claimed on your medical extras. The final result is a design that people can use for their own home care and spine management as well as for physicians and trainers to incorporate into their daily treatment and fitness programs. 


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Theramed Ablespine

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5out of 5
16 Dec 2019
Service Rating : Service was excellent. Helped with a number questions i had - they were very patient and understanding - and gave me very honest appraisal of how the products work and may help with my requirements.

Product : Brilliant product. Use every evening for about 10 minutes and feeling much better. Good stretch and gives me time to think a little while unwinding. Very pleased with this purchase.
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