Sleepezy 2 Zone Pillow Adjustable Pillow 3 Fill Options - Poly, Latex Flake or Down

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Rating 4.75 based on 24 reviews

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Sleepezy - Adjustable Sleeping Pillow - Choose Polyfil, Latex Flake or 80% Down filling

An adjustable pillow with two varying width chambers separated by a sealed inner wall which means the pillow keeps its therapeutic shape. Zip access allows you to add, delete or move filling around to raise or lower the pillow to suit you. Supports the neck and cradles the head.

Proudly Australian Made & Owned

Our SleepEzy 2 Zone Pillows are all proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

Two chambers create a mild contour pillow

High or low, you create the pillow to suit your comfort and postural needs.Long and short chambers provide for all physiques and sleeping positions.An ideal Home Health Care product.

Sleepezy Pillow Features

  • Provides anatomically correct support for your head and neck
  • Keeps spine correctly aligned while side sleeping. (Improve posture)
  • Infinite adjustment for optimum comfort
  • Your choice of fillings. High-grade polyfill fibre, latex flake or duck down.
  • Non-temperature sensitive.
  • Softness not affected by room temperature
  • Designed with a high and a low side, you choose the most supportive and comfortable
  • Fits any standard pillowcase
  • May reduce neck, head, and back pain.
  • May also help minimise light snoring.

Pillow construction

Cross section of Sleepezy contour pillow shows the inner 'wall' which separates the two chambers and prevents the 'bunching-up' effect which occurs in traditional fibre-filled, single-chamber pillows.

Natural spinal alignment

Sleepezy's mild contour conforms to the body's shape by naturally compressing to form a gently depression for the head and neck ... a desirable nestling effect that ensures maintenance of the spine's natural curvature during sleep. Natural spinal alignment is maintained ... making for more relaxed sleep and improved breathing patterns.

Adjusting your Sleepezy pillow

The height and softness of this pillow depends upon the amount of filling it contains. Sleepezy is intentionally over-filled to allow you to create a lower pillow if desired.

Zip access allows you to access contents and infinitely adjust from one chamber to the other, or delete and store for later re-plumping.

Prior to use remove 2 or 3 handfulls of filling. Store this extra filling in a plastic bag so you can adjust the pillow's height and 'feel' later if needed.

Characteristics of the 4 different fibres: Polyfill, Latex Flake & Down

Polyfill: Good loft, soft feel, and ongoing support.

Latex Flake: 100% pure shaved latex filling. A natural fibre that is sustainable and eco friendly. 

Down: Premium down filling with a high percentage (80%) of pure down.Naturally soft and luxurious. Down is the soft and fluffy clusters which grow under the outer layer of Geese and Ducks to protect them from the cold. Down is a lighter and has better insulation capabilities than normal feathers.

Care Instructions

After use simply shake and plump pillow, or less regularly (via the zip access) tease the filling apart to restore Sleepezy's body as required.

Polyfill and Latex Flake: Do not wash. Air pillow regularly (fluff contents and place in warm area). Additional latex flake or polyfill is available from a haberdashery or through Therapeutic Pillow in 1kg bags.

Down and Feather: Dry Clean Only. Do not wash. Air pillow regularly.
Outer cover: First empty contents, hand wash outer cover in warm water with mild detergent. Hang Dry. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry.


Size Length: 56cm Width: 38cm Height:12cm and 11cm
Down 80% down/ 20% feather
Country of Manufacture Australian Made
Outer Cover Fine Weave 100% Pure Cotton Japara
Feathers 100% sanitized feathers
Polyfil 100% polyester
Latex Flake 100% shaved pure latex
TGA Listed Yes
Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No.174455 Device: Pillow



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Sleepezy 2 Zone Pillow Adjustable Pillow 3 Fill Options - Poly, Latex Flake or Down

Rating 4.75 based on 24 reviews

5out of 5
06 Jul 2020
Service Rating : Excellent customer service! Wrong pillow was delivered initially, they phoned me, emailed me and sent a replacement the next day. Even told me to keep the wrong one they delivered! They were lovely.

Product : It’s ok. A little light on with filling but making my nights more comfortable by reducing neck pain.

5out of 5
05 Apr 2020
Service Rating : Easy purchase. Quick delivery. Great pillow - dual zones and varying amounts of filling means you can get it just right. There were choices of pillow filling when buying. It would have been good to see more about the pros and cons of each option.

Product : Fantastic to have dual zones and variable filling. Apart from the very expensive down, there's poly and latex. I don't like latex so that left the poly for me. If I add as much as I want to make it firm enough, the pillow's too high. To get the right height, it's a bit soft. But, generally it's great. Might try the down at some point.

5out of 5
04 May 2019
Service Rating : Easy to order, fast delivery

Product : Easy to order, fast delivery

5out of 5
26 Oct 2018
Service Rating : Loved it. Easy to order and fast delivery. Thanks so much!

Product : Loved it and adjustable option.

5out of 5
23 Aug 2018
Service Rating : Fabulous service - easy to order and very fast shipping. Great pillow too - very supportive of my long neck.

Product : Great pillow - very supportive of my long neck and fantastic for sleeping on my side and back.

4out of 5
03 Feb 2018
Service Rating : Good range of products. Reasonably quick delivery. Communication regarding delivery timing could be improved.

Product : Good pillow. Like the adjustable design which allows you to tailor it to suit your needs.

5out of 5
15 Dec 2017
Service Rating : Very quick delivery and pillow was exactly matched the description and picture on their website.

Product : Great pillow for anyone with neck problem. Very comfortable.

5out of 5
04 Aug 2017
Service Rating : I have been purchasing your pillows, and this particular pillow, for we ll over a decade. Any other pillow is simply a waste of money because this is the most comfy pillow I've ever had & I recommend it to everybody :) Seriously! As a Homeopath, many patients arrive with a stiff neck because their pillow had 'gone soft' & no longer supported them. I'd have given you 10 stars if I'd had the choice :) because you deserve it - your service was fantastic & I was sleeping on my pillow within a few days.

Product : Best pillow in the history of pillows. Great support & never wake with a sore neck. We love you in our family!

I came to your factory once about 10 years ago, and received the same service then as well. 10 stars from me!!

4out of 5
18 Feb 2017
Service Rating : prompt delivery of product. My wife adjusted to the pillow quickly. Not so myself. Am slowly taking to it.

Product : Have found the pillow firm compared to previous plllows .

4out of 5
13 Feb 2017
Service Rating : I ordered it off the internet

Product : I cannot explain why, but since using the pillow I have 100% improved sleep and no longer have very painful shoulder joints when I sleep on my side. Very happy with the product.

5out of 5
03 Dec 2016
Service Rating : Pillow arrived quickly and packed well. No complaints.

Product : The adjustable height works well for me as I am a side sleeper with broad shoulders and I had difficulty finding a pillow to accomodate this. The feathers can poke you occasionally but it's nothing a little primping won't fix. But most importantly I've stopped waking up with neck pain :)

5out of 5
31 Mar 2016
Service Rating : Very speedy delivery

Product : I am still getting the filling right. I love the zip which allows me to customise it.

5out of 5
19 May 2015
Service Rating : there were delivery updates re the pillow and it arrived in good condition.

Product : I bought the pillow for my daughter who was used to a down filled pillow. She reports that it is harder than she had anticipated so she is hoping it will soften with time.

5out of 5
02 Apr 2015
Service Rating : Site easy to use. Delivery time very good.

Product : Replacing a similar pillow

5out of 5
01 Dec 2014
Service Rating : Excellent!

Product : However not sure if it has totally cured my sore neck problem. Otherwise, I have an excellent nights sleep!

5out of 5
20 Nov 2014
Service Rating : Fast clearcut

Product : I love my pillow

5out of 5
02 Sep 2014
Service was great. I realised after placing the order online I had ordered the incorrect pillow. I phoned and even though it was late in the day, the call was answered and the correct pillow delivered.

5out of 5
27 Jul 2014
Service Rating : Excellent turnaround from order to delivery

Product : Good product, very supportive and comfortable

4out of 5
15 Mar 2014
Service Rating : Very fast delivery

Product : I've always struggled with pillows resulting in a chronically sore neck. This pillow allows me to adjust the stuffing whenever I need. Very expensive though.

5out of 5
30 Oct 2013
Service Rating : Was quick and efficient

Product : A comfortable pillow, my clients are comfortable and I can hear many snoozy snores

5out of 5
10 Oct 2013
Service Rating : prompt delivery

Product : Once I'd set the zones to how I liked best, my neck hasn't hurt since=no more migraines!!! :D

4out of 5
30 Sep 2013
Service Rating : Good

Product : Good

5out of 5
29 Sep 2013
Service Rating : order was shipped same day and received within 24 hours.

Product : items are as described on the website.

4out of 5
04 Aug 2013
Service Rating : Telephone enquiries were well answered.

Product : Pillow is very comfortable with enough stuffing for two!!
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