Natural Lupin Heat Pack - Square Shape Natural Heating Pad


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Rating 5 based on 11 reviews

Rating of 5 based on 11 reviews

Australian Made


100% Australian Made Natural Lupin Heat Pack - The all natural alternative to relieve aches and pains. Suitable for all parts of the body. Heat Therapy Lupin (Better than wheat) Bag - Square

  • Quick microwave for easy heating.
  • Freeze and use as a cold pack.
  • Suitable for all parts of the body. 
  • No odour.
  • 30% lighter than heat therapy wheat packs / wheat bags.
  • Made from Australian lupins.
  • Allergy and odour free.
  • Not treated with chemicals or fungicides.
  • Heat in lupin Heat Packs is Longer lasting and faster to heat than traditional wheat bags.

Australian Made & Owned

Our Natural Lupin Heat Packs are all proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

Natural Australian Lupin Grain Heat Packs are the best heat packs

Using pure natural Australian Lupin grain and pure Australian grown cotton, we are able to design and create an Australian made heat pack for therapeutic heat therapy right at home. Australian Lupin is Australia's most widely grown crop, and has a dynamic range of uses for human consumption. Natural Lupin grain is perfect for microwaving to heat as a heat pack wheat bag substitute. Rather than using wheat to make wheat packs and wheat bags, we choose to use pure Australian Lupin grain as it retains temperatures, both heat and cool, better and for longer.

Natural Australian Lupin Heat packs are the best heat packs for heat therapy. Rather than wheat packs, Lupin heat packs retain temperatures the best and last longer than traditional wheat packs! The natural Australian Lupin heat packs have a greater lifespan and will reheat faster for longer than conventional wheat packs.

The lupin square heat bag is a product that can be used to provide relief to any part of the body. Lower back, tummy, upper leg and shoulders are all going to benefit.

Our lupins bags with their gentle penetrating heat or cold, go deep into the muscles to help nature with the act of healing. By simply warming in the microwave or chilling in the freezer, the natural lupins will assist to sooth aches, pains, stress and hot flushes. 

Hand made in Australia from Australian lupins the Therapeutic Goods Administration (ARTG) number is 106788. The fabric is 100% natural cotton corduroy.

Totally Natural healing:  Lupins are widely regarded as a “low allergy” alternative to wheat and are more resistant to moisture (to make cleaning easier) and less weight for more comfort. 

Therapeutic Pillow & Thera-med has the most comprehensive range of 100% natural lupin heat packs. Our heat packs are hand made in Australia so you can trust the quality from the harvesting of the lupin.

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Care Instructions

Sponge your lupin bag lightly with luke-warm water to remove surface marks, being careful not to saturate product. Hang up to dry as soon as possible. When cover is dry, rub lupin bag briskly between your hands to ensure grains are dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean. Do not machine wash. Do not immerse in water.

Handmade in Australia from Australian lupins the Therapeutic Goods Administration (ARTG) number 106788. The fabric is 100% natural cotton corduroy.

Proudly Australian Made & Owned

Our Pressure Diffusing Diffuser Cushion is proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds throughout the country.


Cover 100% Cotton
Inner contents 100% Natural Lupin Grain
Size 20cm x 20cm
Weight 550g
Country of Manufacture Australian Made



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Natural Lupin Heat Pack - Square Shape Natural Heating Pad

Rating 5 based on 11 reviews

5out of 5
04 Sep 2020
Service Rating : The service of this company was great

Product : Hitherto, have been dissapointed with the purchase. Lupin bags do not stay warm,longer than wheat. However, the fact wheat bags are fuller may contribute to this. It is lighter so good for traveling or at best a spare

5out of 5
08 Nov 2019
Service Rating : Good prices and fast postage.

Product : It works well, heats fast. I think I just prefer the bulkier feel of a wheat pack although this will be good for travel.

5out of 5
09 Jul 2019
Service Rating : My heat packs arrived in a few days.

Product : Your heat packs are easy o use.

5out of 5
25 Feb 2019
Service Rating : Amazing Pillow. I love it so much!

Product : Amazing Pillow. I love it so much!

5out of 5
03 Jan 2019
Service Rating : I love the product and would recommend to anyone. The service was excellent and the people were so polite and helpful. Could not add anything to improve customer or satisfaction. Jan Daniel

Product : As stated previously--service and product excellent.

5out of 5
11 Aug 2018
Service Rating : I was amazed at how quickly it arrived from interstate.

Product : It's super-easy to heat and fits snugly against my lower back when I need it.

5out of 5
09 Aug 2018
Service Rating : The service is great - fast delivery.

Product : This is the 2nd Lupin pillow I have bought from you and I just love it.
I find Lupin is far better than wheat when using as a heat pillow.

5out of 5
12 May 2018
Service Rating : Great pillow!

Product : Clear and fast. I like it

5out of 5
28 Mar 2018
Service Rating : Good customer service and worthy product

Product : To recommend friends, relatives and others

5out of 5
10 Jan 2016
Service Rating : Quick delivery, well packed!

Product : Works brilliant! I would suggest that you offer covers for the Lupin Heat Bags as they are not easy to clean! But a cotton cover you could easily throw into the washing machine and it something you could sell additionally!

5out of 5
28 Nov 2014
Service Rating : Received item very quickly

Product : Product is light and can be used on neck, back, stomach etc and not too heavy to carry around in bag etc
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