Posture Wedge Cushion - Comforting Posture Support Angled Chair Cushion

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Rating 4.65 based on 68 reviews

Rating of 4.65 based on 68 reviews

Australian Made



The Posture Wedge Cushion - An Angled Seat Wedge Cushion for Comfort & Support

Proudly Australian Made & Owned

Our Posture Wedge Chair Cushion is proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

The Posture Wedge Cushion helps relieve pressure with 9º angled support

Designed for use on existing chairs by persons sitting for extended periods. Posture wedge helps in maintaining the spine's natural curvature, and assists in alleviating nerve pressure in the mid-back area.

The anatomically desirable 9 degree angle encourages correct pelvic tilt to reduce pressure on lumbar discs - minimising potential back problems.

A Posture Wedge - Seat & Chair Wedge Cushion that is designed to relieve and help prevent lower back pain

The tapered angle of the wedge encourages correct posture when sitting. The Posture Wedge Cushion is designed to encourage correct pelvic tilt and maintain your normal lumbar curve while sitting, helping relieve stress and pressure on your back thus reducing the incidence of back pain.

Angled Chair Cushion commits your body to sit with naturally healthy posture

  • Designed to tilt the pelvis forward to relieve load on the lower back
  • Helps relieve stress on your back thus reducing the incidence of back pain
  • Encourages the correct pelvic tilt
  • Maintains your normal lumbar curve while sitting
  • Compact and lightweight and you can take it anywhere

The Posture wedge is perfect at the office, home, or for sports stadium seating

The Posture Wedge is a multi-purpose seat cushion which is normally used with the lower end in front. In the car you have the option of turning it around and it positions you firmly against the back of the sear and prevents you from sliding down and straining the lower back.

Available in 2 cover options - Dura-Fab & Steri-Plus

Dura-Fab: is an attractive soft ,durable woven & washable polyester fabric.

Steri-Plus: is a moisture and bacteria-resistant and made from a special polyurethane ply (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric.

Care Instructions

Inner: Do not immerse in water. Dab clean with a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat away from direct sunlight.

Steri-Plus Cover: It resists moisture, and is easily cleaned by wiping down with mild detergent warm water, and hung to dry. Wipe stains using a non-phenolic disinfectant in a diluted solution. (Do Not Use dry cleaning solvents, or phenolic disinfectants). Do not bleach. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Line dry. Do not iron. It is an extremely sturdy material that withstands body loads. It is a clinical yet attractive mid green color.

Dura-Fab Outer Cover: Do not bleach. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Line dry. Warm iron. Dry cleanable.


Medium Size 42cm across x 40 cm x 2.6 cm (thin) x 7 cm (thick)
Inner 100% open cell 'breathing' urethane foam.
Dura-Fab Outer Cover Woven polyester. It is a super-soft easy-clean washable fabric.
Steri-Plus Outer Cover Moisture and bacteria-resistant polyurethane ply bonded to a knitted polyester backing.
Country of Manufacture Australian Made



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Posture Wedge Cushion - Comforting Posture Support Angled Chair Cushion

Rating 4.65 based on 68 reviews

5out of 5
21 Dec 2020
Service Rating : Quick service,great product

Product : Great product quick respose

5out of 5
07 Aug 2019
Service Rating : Excellent service

Product : Exactly what I needed very happy with the product

5out of 5
04 Apr 2019
Service Rating : Very quick response to an email I sent asking which pillow would be better for me. Once ordered it was shipped really quickly.
Product is exactly as described.

Product : It’s great, it’s been a huge help.

5out of 5
02 Apr 2019
Service Rating : Prompt service No problems

Product : Assisted in sitting comfort and correct posture

5out of 5
18 Mar 2019
Service Rating : So easy to search site and make purchases.

Product : This is a replacement for one I purchased many years ago. I use it in my car to support my bottom from slipping back too far into the seat.

5out of 5
26 Feb 2019
Service Rating : Great service

Product : Great product [email protected]#

5out of 5
21 Feb 2019
Service Rating : Very promp. Dispatched same dayf

Product : I’m using in the car. It’s great it reduces back strain

4out of 5
19 Feb 2019
Thanks for the great pillow and prompt delivery

5out of 5
02 Feb 2019
Service Rating : Excellent product. Wedge cushion arrived in short time in perfect condition.

Product : Excellent product. Fast service. Arrived in good condition.

4out of 5
06 Dec 2018
Service Rating : prompt delivery

Product : good but i was thinking it might be memory foam

5out of 5
01 Dec 2018
Service Rating : The pillow I ordered arrived in a timely manner and was exactly as described.

Product : A perfect fit to help my back when sitting on the couch.

5out of 5
08 Nov 2018
Service Rating : Excellent service and quick delivery

Product : Bought it for my new car and works well

5out of 5
25 Oct 2018
Service Rating : Excellent service. Item was delivered within 2 days.

Product : I already had a posture wedge and wanted a second one.

5out of 5
30 Aug 2018
Service Rating : Easy to order, clear website, speedy delivery.

Product : I am happy with the product and like that it's Australian made.

5out of 5
11 Jul 2018
Service Rating : Arrived quickly and was exactly as described

Product : It is exactly as described.

4out of 5
15 May 2018
Service Rating : Service was great.

Product : I need some more time as I've been away overseas. So far I am enjoying it as it makes sitting so much better for me

4out of 5
23 Apr 2018
Service Rating : I am very happy with the Pillow and I feel sure that it will serve me well. Delivery was slow, but now that it has arrived and I have had the opportunity to use it, it was worth the wait.

Product : It has made travelling in a vehicle so much more comfortable, particularly on country roads which are not ideal for people with back problems!! Recommended by a family member with the same problems and has found that it helps him greatly.

4out of 5
17 Apr 2018
Service Rating : good

Product : good service product could have been a little thicker

4out of 5
08 Apr 2018
Service Rating : Prompt service, delivery and reply to question.

Product : Just what I needed after a hip replacement

4out of 5
22 Mar 2018
Service Rating : Makes sitting long hours at my desk way more pleasant! Great quality. Nice and firm. Does the job!

Product : It's kind of ugly. Works well but doesn't look super sexy :)

5out of 5
14 Mar 2018
Service Rating : Great product I’m very happy with my purchase. Service was exceptional, fast delivery hassle free.

Product : Wedge cushion has helped me with lower back and hip pain

5out of 5
28 Feb 2018
Service Rating : Prompt reply and acknowledgement of online order. Follow-up email indicating product had been mailed. Item received quickly

Product : Providing support required

5out of 5
12 Feb 2018
Service Rating : They promptly executed my order.

Product : I have been using these posture wedge cushions for at least twelve years. I bought my first one when I saw it at a physiotherapists, after I had been going to chiro's and physios and bowen therapists for a couple of months. I noticed the difference after a week in my back/leg pain. It took about two months of using it for sitting before the pain went away.
I then ordered a second one from Therapeutic Pillow so that I could keep one in the car.
I also recommended them to others.
I bought one for my daughter, who hasn't used it in recent years, and now has a "crook back" again.

So, the two cushions I ordered now were not for me. One for my husband so he doesn't take my car one, and another for my daughter so she can keep it in her car and use it at her office desk.

5out of 5
29 Dec 2017
Service Rating : Product as expected. Accurate to the website pictures and description. Delivery without problems.

Product : All ok. Product as expected.

5out of 5
18 Nov 2017
Service Rating : Arrived promptly. Good communication.

Product : Just what I wanted.q Quality product.

4out of 5
29 Oct 2017
Service Rating : I received my pillow quickly which was a relief as I needed it to use in my car.

Product : The pillow helps to take the pressure off my hips when I sitting down.

4out of 5
23 Aug 2017
Service Rating : This pillow has helped my back immensley, especially when driving. The prompt delivery and efficient service was greatly appreciated.

Product : The service and delivery was prompt and the pillow has helped immensely when driving.

5out of 5
13 Aug 2017
Service Rating : Good product, quickly delivered

Product : Good product, quickly delivered

4out of 5
19 Jul 2017
I needed the pillow in my car to angle the car seat. I am still working out how effective it is - need to go on a long trip

5out of 5
14 Jun 2017
Service Rating : Excellent

Product : All good. xxxxxxxxxxxthank you

5out of 5
17 Apr 2017
Service Rating : Great pillow, very comfortable

Product : Very comfortable pillow, love it

5out of 5
11 Mar 2017
Service Rating : Very fast delivery and good product.

Product : Does the job I wanted it to do.

5out of 5
08 Mar 2017
Service Rating : I am using it everyday at the computer. It helps with my hip problem.

Product : The purchase was made very easy and the pillow was delivered very promptly.

4out of 5
17 Feb 2017
Comfortable pillow,
However angle sometimes means that you have to sit on it properly otherwise becomes uncomfortable

4out of 5
14 Feb 2017
you send me the pillow instead of the seat cushion . This was corrected and I was asked to send the pillow back but they did not send me the parcel I can put it back. Please ask them to do it and I will send it back. I have the return stamp . Thanks John Chong. Please with the seat cushion.

5out of 5
13 Feb 2017
Great paired with a sit-stand desk for my Ankylosing Spondylitis and hip issues!

5out of 5
12 Feb 2017
Service Rating : Arrived fast and in great condition

Product : Heaps better than the cheaper alternatives

5out of 5
06 Feb 2017
Service Rating : Very good ,bought for my bad back and it offers relief

Product : Especially good in the car

5out of 5
05 Oct 2016
Service Rating : Great service, only problem was with delivery, as the company couldn't tell us when they would deliver, therefore no-one was home and they would not leave the parcel without a signature. We had to go to the depot to collect the pillow.

Product : I have a torn hamstring tendon and found driving most uncomfortable - the cushion has made an enormous difference.

4out of 5
25 Sep 2016
Service Rating : Actually didn't buy one.

Product : Very happy with this. Better quality than others.

5out of 5
01 Aug 2016
Service Rating : Excellent service, super quick delivery.

Product : This is the second one I have ordered. It is amazing how something as simple as this pillow can have such a positive effect on eliminating backache.

5out of 5
12 Jul 2016
Service Rating : delivered on time

Product : provides excellent support, nice & firm.

5out of 5
11 Jul 2016
very comfortable

5out of 5
10 May 2016
Service Rating : Quality product delivered fast.

Product : Love it. Has made a huge difference to my posture whilst working.
Received very next day.

5out of 5
22 Mar 2016
Service Rating : Very fast service! Thanks :)

Product : Excellent

4out of 5
14 Mar 2016
Easy to order and quick delivery.

5out of 5
05 Mar 2016
Service Rating : Great

Product : Great, makes driving much more comfortable.

5out of 5
05 Mar 2016
Service Rating : Great

Product : Great, makes driving much more comfortable.

5out of 5
16 Sep 2015
Service Rating : My friend for whom I purchased the pillow was very happy.

Product : as above

4out of 5
07 Sep 2015
Very prompt delivery and hassle-free ordering.

5out of 5
19 Jul 2015
Service Rating : Easy, very informative ordering of products and their use. Fast delivery of my order.

Product : good support, strong, well made.

4out of 5
02 Apr 2015
Service Rating : The service was excellent - efficient &. trouble free

Product : Great so far! Haven't really tried it as yet in the car to see if 1 it fits or 2 if it helps. However on the computer chair etc it is very helpful.

4out of 5
26 Mar 2015

5out of 5
03 Sep 2014
Service Rating : Very informative website and fast arrival after purchase.

Product : I have issues with my lower back and the posture wedge has made an enormous difference to my life. I now have three - one at home, in the car, and at work!

5out of 5
23 Jul 2014
Service Rating : Incredibly quick delivery - thanks!

Product : It's for a staff member - haven't had feedback yet

4out of 5
08 Jul 2014
Service Rating : Product delivered promptly.

Product : Would like to try a posture wedge that has a greater (more angle) wedge to se if that helps more.

5out of 5
01 Jul 2014
Service Rating : The pillow arrived very quickly after our order was placed.

Product : I find the pillow a little wide for my current car seat, which is where I'm using the pillow. Maybe some different sizes would be useful. Otherwise at this early stage the quality seems reasonable.

5out of 5
30 Jun 2014
Service Rating : Very good service, quick delivery.

Product : I think it is a great product but I find it a bit too firm for me, hopefully it will soften a bit.

5out of 5
16 Apr 2014
Service Rating : Your service was excellent

Product : Very happy with the service . This is the second thermo wedge cushion purchased,
One for the car and one for the lounge as I had damaged my gluteus maximums by falling on ice and the cushions have contributed to my recovery .

5out of 5
20 Mar 2014
Service Rating : Goods arrived extremely promptly.

Product : .

5out of 5
17 Mar 2014
Service Rating : Excellent products. Much thought has gone into the shapes and quality of the products.

Product : The angled wedge cushion has made an enormous difference to my back pain. I now have two, one or home and one for work. I've also found they change the dynamics of even the most uncomfortable chair.

5out of 5
16 Mar 2014
Service Rating : Prompt and efficient

Product : Very useful after my hip replacement. I took it everywhere: home, office, car, restaurants etc.

4out of 5
28 Oct 2013
Service Rating : good all round service

Product : Just a quick thanks for the speedy delivery! Love the Posture Wedge, it
makes sitting in the office chair so much more comfortable.

4out of 5
28 Oct 2013
Service Rating : very good

Product : I purchased this for my mother and she is certainly sitting more comfortably.

4out of 5
23 Oct 2013
Service Rating : good all round

Product : I purchased this for my mother and she is certainly sitting more comfortably.

4out of 5
18 Oct 2013
Service Rating : very easy to use website

Product : thank you for the quick turnaround. I looked at all the wedge cushions available on Amazon, but the foam fillings and covers looked flimsy compared to the PostureWedge. I did a Google Search and found your company. I used to work in physical therapy office and after reading the specs on the PostureWedge I knew it was the right choice for using in an office chair.


4out of 5
18 Oct 2013
Service Rating : good

Product : I purchased this for my mother and she is certainly sitting more comfortably.

5out of 5
12 Oct 2013
Service Rating : Excellent service. Cushion arrived 2 days after order was placed.

Product : Fantastic, used in car mainly been on s trip 4000ks. No pain.
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