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Single Size 188cm x 90cm x 5cm
King Single Size 200cm x 107cm x 5cm
Double Size 185 x 133 x 5cm
Queen Size 200cm x 150cm x 5cm
King Size 203 x 183 x 5cm
Foam Open cell visco elastic memory foam
Gel Layer Natural non-toxic silica based liquid Cooling Gel


5 centimetre thick Memory Foam Mattress Topper with built in Gel Layer for optimum body temperature and comfort whilst you sleep

With a perfect balance of body support memory foam comfort and a built in cooling gel providing cooling relief, the MemoGel Memory Foam Mattress Topper keeps your body temperature under control while you sleep. The MemoGel Mattress Topper is perfect for those who suffer from high warm body temperatures while sleeping, hot flushes, or those who simply wish for a cooler sleep. 

The MemoGel Mattress Topper will help to disperse heat in order to generate a more comfortable sleep. The mattress topper does this by absorbing your excess body warmth into the custom-designed gel section of the mattress topper. In particular, the MemoGel Mattress Topper helps individuals to get to sleep easier and promptly by cooling the body to a comfortable sleeping level, ultimately relaxing the mind and body. 

Designed to simply fit on top of your existing mattress, the MemoGel Memory Foam Mattress Topper will give you comfort by helping you stay cool whilst sleeping. A cooler sleep enhances your quality of sleep, providing your body with the quality of sleep that it needs in order to function at its optimal best.

The best choice for a better more refreshing sleep and when sleeping hot is an issue

Sleeping hot, warm flushes and night sweats all have a significant impact on how you sleep and the amount of rest you can get. The MemoGel Cooling Gel pad is made from non-toxic Silica Gel which effectively evens out the body temperature of the user by transferring heat from the body into the gel pad. Once absorbed, the Cooling Gel actively dissipates heat via a process of conduction.

The MemoGel Memory Foam Overlay can be used both with the Cooling Gel top on the surface for cooling relief, or reversed with the gel pad on the bottom of the overlay when cooling is not required. The optimal quantity of Cooling Gel built into the MemoGel Overlay ensures that no sleep is too cold, and is ideal for all people to enjoy the comfort of the best sleeping temperature. 

The Heat dispersing Gel pad on the MemoGel Topper provides relief for a range of conditions that cause hot flushes and night sweats

  • Menopause – Hot flushes can occur at all times during menopause including while trying to sleep, which often results in excessive sweating. This is generally considered as the most common cause of hot flushes occurring in women
  • Hot sleeping environments - High ambient temperatures, high humidity, or a combination of both create uncomfortable sleeping environments 
  • Idiopathic Hyperhidrosis – With no medically identified causes, Idiopathic Hyperhidrosis causes the body to overproduce sweat and heat
  • Sunburn – Following sunburn, the body retains a substantial amount of heat as it seeks to treat the effects of the sunburn and repair the epidermis of the body
  • Cancer Treatment – Undergoing radiation treatment can often lead to a condition whereby the body retains residual heat from the treatment and the body's natural self-healing process
  • Infection and Fevers – The human body naturally heats itself up as it actively fights illnesses and infections, resulting in fevers that cause restlessness during sleep
  • Medication – Night sweats can be the result of taking certain medications. Antidepressants and some psychiatric medications that treat neurological conditions are known to cause night sweats as a side effect. Aspirins, acetaminophen and many other drugs can often cause night sweats or flushing in individuals 
  • Hypoglycemia – Sweating and hot sleeping can result from low blood sugar and the treatments associated with it such as insulin and oral diabetes medications
  • Insufficient air conditioning - In hot environments and climates where the temperature pushes well above comfortable temperatures, air conditioning provides the cooling relief that the body needs to sleep comfortably. Where air conditioning is unavailable, other means to cool the body are essential to ensure that a proper restful sleep at night is possible

Memory Foam Topper

Gentle and supportive, the Memory Foam Cooling Gel Mattress Topper gives you a wonderful nights’ sleep all on its own. During winter, or when you are not requiring the cooling and comfort effect of the Cooling Gel layer, you can simply turn the topper over and use it on the reverse side for an equally luxurious sleep without the Cooling Gel's cooling effects.

Built in heat dispersing Cooling Gel Topper

The cooling relief MemoGel Topper is made from a high density viscoelastic memory foam adhered with a non toxic silica gel. The overlay is designed to provide the best of both worlds with the comfort of memory foam and the cooling and comfort properties of silica gel.

The Memory Foam Cooling Gel Mattress Topper provides pressure diffusing comfort whilst at the same time allowing heat to transfer into the gel pad for a cooler more refreshing sleep. The density of the memory foam mattress pad is set at 60 kilograms per cubic metre in order to provide the perfect balance of personal comfort and high durability throughout the mattress topper's life-span. 

Sleep cooler, sleep more comfortably, control body temperature - Wake up feeling more refreshed - The MemoGel Topper helps lower the surface temperature of the body, as built up body heat is absorbed by and dispersed inside the Cooling Gel

The MemoGel range is comprised of innovative silica gel squares in a flat mat physical form which allow for maximum comfort and support during sleep. The Memory Foam layer adjusts gradually to the body shape of each individual for a perfect sleep. In addition, the MemoGel sleeping surface gives your body a cooler sleep to facilitate maximum rejuvenation throughout the entirety of your sleep.

Contour design for enchanced body support

The benefits of Memory Foam such as its excellent pressure diffusing properties are widely known. The pressure diffusing contour design of the Memory Foam provides additional comfort and support for the body during sleep. An innovation in how we sleep with its design to cool the body while sleeping, the Cooling Gel is proven to give a more restful nights sleep by slightly lowering the body temperature during rest to maintain an optimal resting body temperature.

Cooling Pressure Relief

A fundamental benefit of the MemoGel Cooling Gel is that it is a simple, effective and safe way to cool the body during sleep. Heat is transferred from the body into the gel where it promptly dissipates, giving your body a cooler nights sleep. In cold seasons and different environments wherein the MemoGel Topper can potentially become too cold, the mattress can be flipped over to negate the effects of the Cooling Gel whilst maintaining the optimal comfort provided by the topper's Memory Foam. In any case where the Cooling Gel may become slightly too cool for the user, the cooling process can be limited or negated entirely by simply applying extra layers of bedding, such as mattress protectors and thicker sheeting, over the top of the MemoGel Topper.

Cooler sleeping temperatures on a supportive Memory Foam mattress Topper give your body a better sleep in a variety of different ways

  • Reduction in tossing and turning during the night
  • A reduction in sleep disturbance
  • Helping to minimize pain by eliminating pressure
  • Helping to improve circulation through the diffusing of pressure

Easy to use

Simply put the MemoGel Topper over your bed mattress and then put on any additional sheets and bedding linen you wish. It is that simple. At 5 centimetres thick, the mattress overlay should easily fit under your existing fitted sheets. In addition, the MemoGel Overlay can be easily used in conjunction with our Naturelle range of mattress protectors for the best performance in comfortable supportive sleeping.


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MemoGel Mattress Topper - Memory Foam Gel Cooling Mattress Overlay

Rating 4.75 based on 17 reviews

4out of 5
25 Feb 2020
Service Rating : The service was good in that it was prompt and efficient delivery. Unfortunately, the product wasnt as great as described.

Product : The mattress topper was smaller than a standard single size bed and due to the 5cm thickness this disparity was very evident. It also slides off the mattress which was very annoying. Similarly, as you can only wash the cover and not the overlay you will need to buy an additional mattress protector that fits these non standard dimensions to place over it if used for children, any illnesses causing incontinence or sweat issues which makes it an expensive proposition - especially compared to other traditional cooling methods. For this reason it was only used twice with no immediate benefit noticed.

5out of 5
04 Jan 2017
Excellent service. Phone call when my choice was not available.

5out of 5
04 Jan 2017
Excellent service. Phone call when my choice was not available.

5out of 5
03 Nov 2015
Great service on the phone and in person. Very trustworthy company.

4out of 5
06 Oct 2015
Service Rating : I would have liked an immediate confirmation of receipt of my online order. Because I was concerned, I emailed the company requesting confirmation a day or two later. As it happened, not only had the order been received, but it had been dispatched. The goods arrived very promptly thereafter. So, I believe that just one poor feature stands in the way of an "excellent" rating--a "no reply" immediate automated confirmation of receipt of order should be integrated into the online shopping protocol.

Product : Very soft and luxurious. Helps my particular back problems, but may not help those who need firmer support. There is only moderate benefit to be had from the cooling gel. When I lie still, I am as hot as ever. I need to wake up and move to a cooler part of the bed. This works. It's lovely: I cool down and go straight back to sleep.

4out of 5
08 Apr 2015
The overlay arrived within the time frame and in good order. However, there were no instructions on cleaning or maintenance with the overlay nor any details of a warranty.

5out of 5
26 Mar 2015
Service Rating : Friendly and helpful staff. Prompt delivery.

Product : I cannot fault the memory foam base for the overlay for comfort - I actually have two memory foam overlays under the MemoGel - this has certainly improved weight distribution particularly when I sleep on my side.

The MemoGel is cool to lie on but is limited in the amount of heat it can draw away from the body - understandably. It is cooler than sleeping on the memory foam overlay directly so a step in the right direction and suitable for people who want a slightly cooler sleep - particularly helpful in initially getting to sleep. For people like myself who radiate a fair amount of heat, it's a slight improvement.

4out of 5
14 Feb 2015
Service Rating : Contact from the customer service on receipt of order but you advertise 2 day deliver . I receive mine in 4 days

Product : This mattress is cooing when first going to bed but if you remain in one position and not move you wake up overheating.

5out of 5
29 Jan 2015
Service Rating : Customer service and quality of packaging and delivery were excellent

Product : The mattress overlay delivers what it promises. Has helped me enormously and am now able to sleep.

5out of 5
27 Dec 2014
Service Rating : Prompt delivery, well packaged and excellent quality.

Product : I have found this product excellent and consider it money well spent. It has improved our sleep patterns and disperse'd the heat from the latex mattress. Note, the 1st night was very uncomfortable, the subsequent nights pure bliss.

5out of 5
22 Dec 2014
Service Rating : very fast service

Product : i was a bit dubious at first about this product. i read the reviews that said it only stayed cool for a while then you needed to move. This is true but moving onto a cooler spot while having a hot flush is not a problem to me. And it does help to stop the flush.

5out of 5
04 Dec 2014
Service Rating : We are having the best sleeps ever! Love it!

Product : The cooling grl really works in that it absorbs heat and helps keep your body temperature cool - amazing!

5out of 5
07 Sep 2014
Service Rating : Service was quick

Product : Item was returned as incorrectly ordered, as I wanted cooling gel underlay only not memory foam as explained in my return letter as husband misunderstood my requirements....item sent on IPEC con.note 8911610530 and am awaiting credit for $300 as it was paid by PAYPAL...thank you M. Lloyd

5out of 5
03 May 2014
Service Rating : Product excellent quality. Delivery by AP very good. Packaging very secure.

Product : Cooling topper was initially good (comfortable and cool) but became hot and also squashed down flat at my bottom region after about 3 hours. Then you have to move to a new section. It takes over 3 hours to loose the heat effect. i.e. the used region recovers and cools. The nights were 'cool 14-18C'.

5out of 5
24 Mar 2014
Service Rating : pillows are really good.............

Product : so far, so good...............

5out of 5
14 Mar 2014
Service Rating : Very fast and efficient delivery and service. The staff were helpful on the phone,

Product : Nice and soft, but supportive. It would be great to be even cooler, and I have to move around the bed to a cooler part as it heats up.

5out of 5
14 Mar 2014
Service Rating : Fantastic follow up and very prompt service

Product : Only had for a few days but love it! I suffer from hot flushes and it is lovely to able to sleep. The cooling really seems to work for me!
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