Thera-med Gel Cooling Pad


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Rating 4.8 based on 5 reviews

Rating of 4.8 based on 5 reviews



Fits in your pillow slip or you can use seperately on other parts of the body.

A simple to use Gel Pad that can be used on to cool down the part of the body where it is required. It is designed to help those that suffer from hot temperatures, hot flushes, menopause, radiation therapy or simply feel hot when at rest.


The Heat dispersing Gel pad provides relief for a range of conditions that cause hot flushes and night sweats

  • Menopause – Hot flushes can occur at all times during menopause including while trying to sleep, which often results in excessive sweating. This is generally considered as the most common cause of hot flushes occurring in women
  • Hot sleeping environments - High ambient temperatures, high humidity, or a combination of both create uncomfortable sleeping environments 
  • Idiopathic Hyperhidrosis – With no medically identified causes, Idiopathic Hyperhidrosis causes the body to overproduce sweat and heat
  • Sunburn – Following sunburn, the body retains a substantial amount of heat as it seeks to treat the effects of the sunburn and repair the epidermis of the body
  • Cancer Treatment – Undergoing radiation treatment can often lead to a condition whereby the body retains residual heat from the treatment and the body's natural self-healing process
  • Infection and Fevers – The human body naturally heats itself up as it actively fights illnesses and infections, resulting in fevers that cause restlessness during sleep
  • Medication – Night sweats can be the result of taking certain medications. Antidepressants and some psychiatric medications that treat neurological conditions are known to cause night sweats as a side effect. Aspirins, acetaminophen and many other drugs can often cause night sweats or flushing in individuals 
  • Hypoglycemia – Sweating and hot sleeping can result from low blood sugar and the treatments associated with it such as insulin and oral diabetes medications
  • Insufficient air conditioning - In hot environments and climates where the temperature pushes well above comfortable temperatures, air conditioning provides the cooling relief that the body needs to sleep comfortably. Where air conditioning is unavailable, other means to cool the body are essential to ensure that a proper restful sleep at night is possible

How it works. 

The Gel layer uses conduction to transfer heat from the head or body into the gel product. This means that the body or head should feel cooler as heat is transferred. It is worth noting that gel pad will warm up over a period of time depending on ambient temperature and also the temperature of the user. 

Easy to use

The Theramed Gel pad can either be used at room temperature or can be placed the fridge for an extra cold effect. If being refridgerated please make sure that it is placed inside the zippered plastic bag that it arrives in so product is not exposed to moisture. 


Size 42cm wide x 29cm deep
Height approx 1cm
Material Non-Toxic silica gel encased in a polyurethane membrane



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Thera-med Gel Cooling Pad

Rating 4.8 based on 5 reviews

5out of 5
21 Jan 2021
Quick delivery and easy to purchase from.

5out of 5
26 Nov 2020
Service Rating : Excellent seller. Would recommend

Product : Great product would buy again

4out of 5
11 Oct 2020
Service Rating : So far this has been working great! Definitely helping with sleep.

Product : Cooling pad is working great!

5out of 5
09 Jan 2020
Service Rating : Service was fine. Pillow cooling mat is ok. We didn't think about think about this before we bought it, but it makes the pillow then quite stiff and not that comfortable.
But service was fine.

Product : Service was fine. Pillow cooling mat is ok. We didn't think about think about this before we bought it, but it makes the pillow then quite stiff and not that comfortable.
But service was fine.

5out of 5
11 Nov 2019
Service Rating : Good pillow, comfy, cooling a bit, I did not expect freezing cold, so quite happy.

Product : Small bit useful for night sleep.
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