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Rating 4.65 based on 21 reviews

Rating of 4.65 based on 21 reviews

Australian Made



Side Sleeper - Angled thigh & leg support designed to stop snoring by encouraging the preferred side sleeping position.

Ergonomically angled to fit snugly between the thighs. Follows the natural form of the legs to encourage you to sleep in the preferred sidesleeping position.

Maintains the spine's natural curvature and minimises twisting of the back during sleep. Side sleeping reduces snoring by allowing the soft pallet in the throat to fall to the side. Stop snoring with this quality designed snoring relief cushion.

Australian Made & Owned

Our Side Sleeper Snoring Relief Leg Support is proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

Side-Sleeper thigh cushion and knee pillow - Side Sleeping may help relieve snoring & possibly stop snoring

One piece of carved deluxe-grade foam ergonomically angled at 29° to fit snugly between the thighs. Follows the natural form of the legs, ensuring you sleep in the preferred side sleeping position. Maintains the spine's natural curvature and minimises twisting of the back during sleep.

Ideal hip pillow, useful as a post-operative aid to keep legs apart and supported. Helps keep hips stable for side sleepers. The side sleeper pillow encourages you to sleep on your side. Side sleeping allows your airways to be clear and with the right pillow can help reduce snoring.

Sleep in comfort and enjoy pain-free mornings

  • Fits snugly between your thighs, ensuring the natural curvature of the spine is maintained by minimising twisting of the back during sleep.
  • Restores natural alignment.
  • Keeps your back aligned as you sleep, allowing total muscle relaxation and more restful sleep.
  • Relaxes muscles by encouraging the preferred side sleeping position.
  • Relieves painful pressure points.
  • Easy and affordable way to reduce pressure and provide comfort.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring occurs when the airflow through the passages at the back of the mouth and throat causes instability in the soft palate tissue. The instability then causes these tissues to vibrate, which results in snoring sounds.  It is believed that in 70% of patients, the palate is a primary contributor to their snoring. Read the Snoring guide to stop snoring.


Side Sleeper pillow provides relief for:

  • 'Morning' back, hip and knee pain, and stiffness.
  • Sciatica (hip and leg pain).
  • Stop snoring. Cushion can reduce snoring by encouraging the side sleeping position.
  • Sore neck that comes from sleeping on your back or stomach


Commit to the side sleeping position to reduce & possibly completely stop snoring

  • Encourages quality sleep in the preferred side-sleeping position.
  • Helps alleviate light snoring (side sleeping allows soft tissues and the tongue to stay relatively clear of the airway). Enhances breathing.
  • Designed to discourage both back and stomach sleeping. Smaller front 'bumper' discourages tummy sleeping, while the larger rear 'bumper' inhibits tendency to roll over onto back.
  • Fits most pillow slips.
  • Put small 'bumper' in slip first and then carefully work large 'bumper' in. Can be used without slip but foam may wear.

The Side Sleeper is perfect product for the snoring boyfriend or husband

  • Side Sleeprrr may take time to acclimatise to.
  • Its unique design allows sufficient range of movement to not inhibit circulation.
  • Thighs gently 'hug' Side-Sleeprrr and help prevent the pillow from slipping away during the night.
  • Side Sleeprrr is ergonomically angled at 29º to follow the natural form of the legs in the side sleeping position.
  • The Side sleeper pillow helps you reduce & possiblly stop snoring through side sleeping.


34 cm high large 'bumper' x 23 cm high small 'bumper' x 6.5 cm narrowest point x 20cm wide.

To suit smaller physiques, there may be a need to shave foam to suit (particularly the larger 'bumper'). This is easily achieved using an electric carving knife.

Care Instructions

Inner: Dab clean, mild detergent, warm water. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry.

Foam Discoloration Any discoloration of foam through exposure to natural light will not affect performance or foam longevity.

Proudly Australian Made & Owned

Our Pressure Diffusing Diffuser Cushion is proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds throughout the country.


TGA Listed Yes
Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No. 1744454 Device: Cushion, Leg
Size 34 cm high large 'bumper' x 23 cm high small 'bumper' x 6.5 cm narrowest point x 20cm wide.
Inner 100% open cell 'breathing' urethane foam.
Country of Manufacture Australian Made



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Side Sleeper - Snoring Relief Leg Support

Rating 4.65 based on 21 reviews

4out of 5
12 Mar 2020
Service Rating : Service was great , pillow showed up in a couple days .

Product : Can’t tell any difference yet .

5out of 5
31 Jan 2020
Service Rating : The pillows requested arrived at my address quite quickly

Product : No real comment, but we are becoming used to it, the cuddle pregnancy pillow my daughter likes a lot.

5out of 5
17 Jun 2019
Service Rating : Quick and painless delivery

Product : It does actually work but the pillow case doesn’t fit so I took it off and the foam wasn’t very comfortable. I kicked it out of bed during the night.

4out of 5
20 Jan 2019
Service Rating : Fast prompt service.pillow is easy and comfortable to use and helps prevent knee/hip pain

Product : Excellent product that is easy to use and helps prevent hip/knee pain

4out of 5
28 Dec 2018
Service Rating : pillow arrived quicker than I expected

Product : it has not stopped me from snoring it has caused pain in my hip supplied pillow case doesn't fit properly

very disappointed

5out of 5
24 Jul 2018
Service Rating : Ordered on-line, rapid dispatch, fast delivery.

What more could you want!

Product : Ordered on-line, fast dispatch, quick delivery, great communication.

What’s not to love!!!

5out of 5
05 Nov 2017
Service Rating : My order came quicker than expected and as described. Will definitely be shopping here again.

Product : Kept me on my side as promised :)

5out of 5
23 May 2017
The service was excellent, the items arrived promptly and in good condition. When I had to return one item because it didn't suit my circumstances, there was no problem with my returning the item at my expense of course. Thank you.

5out of 5
13 Mar 2017
Service Rating : The pillow has allowed me to sleep on my side after a hip replacement operation comfortably.

Product : Great I can sleep comfortably.

5out of 5
08 Jan 2017
Fast delivery even days before Christmas.

5out of 5
09 Dec 2016
Service Rating : Very quick delivery.

Product : I have actually tried it for a few nights and couldn't sleep with it. Am going to persist when my overseas visitors leave. My sleep doctor says it is important I sleep on my side. So I will try again.

5out of 5
02 May 2016
Service Rating : No surprises even though the product had to be shipped internationally (I'm in USA).

Product : It's working as expected. Couldn't ask for anything better. Hopefully over time my body will train itself to not need the pillow. If I can get there, the pillow will have been the best investment I've mad in years, even though I wouldn't need to use it anymore. Oh the irony!

4out of 5
12 Jan 2016
Service Rating : The whole order and delivery process is well sorted out. The products arrived in good time.

Product : Weather is too hot to use it.

5out of 5
30 Dec 2015
Service Rating : Quick response to the order. Also good communication via phone with the tracing of the order and follow up by email. Thanks!
The only snag was with the courier. It took me over 10 days to finally collect this item from a depot.

Product : This was a gift.

5out of 5
10 Oct 2015
Service Rating : The pillow came very promptly.

Product : I get a better nights sleep using this pillow. It is doing a good job of training me to sleep on my side.

4out of 5
22 Sep 2015
Service Rating : I sleep a lot better with the pillow.

Product : I use it for sore hips, legs, knees. While laying on my side reading I put it between my legs so it keeps my hips, knees in line.

4out of 5
18 Mar 2015
Service Rating : The pillow itself is a success although it is not for warm nights - should be good in winter. The satin pillow slip is faulty - one of the seams is double sewn into the outlying fabric - it's still fits on, but only just.

Product : The design is clever but it is so cumbersome that I don't think I can use it in my single bed.

4out of 5
18 Aug 2014
Service Rating : I find the Pillow works well and is comfortable to sleep with

Product : certainly seems to help to keep me on my side and has improved my sleep pattern

5out of 5
23 Jul 2014
Service Rating : Services was very prompt with no hassels

Product : still adjusting to using the product

5out of 5
20 Mar 2014
Service Rating : Product arrived promptly

Product : Certainly helped with the issue I was having at the time (TFL & ITB pain) it stopped me rolling over onto the sore side. However because of the size and shape of the product found it difficult to manouevre under the doona. It needs a satin slip cover so it doesn't stick to the bedding.

5out of 5
10 Aug 2013
Service Rating : Great for hip operations

Product : Used after hip operation. Worked perfectly thankd
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