Tranquillow Childrens Pillow - 4 to 5 years.

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Rating 4.8 based on 61 reviews



Tranquillow Kids Pillow - Sleeping Pillow for Children 4 to 5 years. 

36 cm deep x 58 cm wide x 8 cm and 7 cm high gives full size width and length while a perfect height for your little one.


Proudly Australia Made & Owned


Our Tranquillow Children's Pillows are all proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.


Australian Made quality contoured neck pillow to support your child and all aspects of pillow are normal size with exception of the reduced height to give your child perfect support and comfort.


The Tranquillow Childrens Pillow is a lower version of the larger size Tranquillow designed for kids between 4 and 5 years and also adult tummy sleepers.

The pillow will fit your normal pillow cases. 

  • Two options - Available in memory foam or traditional foam. 
  • Gentle contour, super-soft deluxe foam. Carved from one piece of quality Australian made foam.
  • Tranquillow supports the neck and cradles the head.
  • The contour of the pillow has one side slightly higher than the other to meet personal support and comfort needs.
  • Covered in removable cotton cover.

Our original therapeutic contoured neck pillow, carved from non-allergenic premium Australian made foams - Great for kids from the tender years 4-5 years old.


If your looking for a classic contoured pillow for kids aged 4-5 then this is the perfect childrens pillow.

Being a foam pillow and with use of the medium size naturelle pillow protector the pillow will assist asthma sufferers and others who need clear breathing patterns.

Gentle Contoured sleeping pillow for children - available in either Memory Foam or Traditional Foam.


Tranquillow's gentle contour features one side slightly higher than the opposite side, for individual support and comfort for either side or back sleeping, and its shape encourages better posture during sleep.

Your kids will love this quality contoured pillow that will support your children throught he night.

Tranquillow Pillow is a classic pillow that suits kids perfectly - available in Memory Foam or Traditional Foam.


Care Instructions

Inner Foam: Do not immerse in water. Dab clean with a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat away from direct sunlight. 

Cotton Cover Wash in warm water using mild detergent. Line dry.


TGA Listed Yes
Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No.174455 Device: Pillow
Pillow Size 32 cm deep x 58 cm long x 8 cm and 7 cm high.
Inner Foam Options 100% Open cell 'breathing' urethane foam. Memory foam (Visco Elastic) or Traditional foam
Outer Cover 100% Cotton
Country of Manufacture Australian Made



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Tranquillow Childrens Pillow - 4 to 5 years.

Rating 4.8 based on 61 reviews

5out of 5
15 Mar 2021
Service Rating : Shipping arrived super fast even in Covid! Thank you! Super comfy for children great for posture.

Product : Love the pillows great size for children.

5out of 5
30 Jan 2021
Service Rating : Fast delivery and the products were well packed.Thank you so much.

Product : My kids like them. The only issue is no other pillowcase options provided or It’s just because I didn’t find them on the website.

5out of 5
29 Jun 2020
Service Rating : An issue with Aust Post meant that instead of my pillows being delivered they were returned. When I called the service was lovely and I was assured that everything would be resolved which it was. T

Product : Pillow is comfortable and my DS is asleep in minutes. It supports his head and neck and has resolved the neck pain he was complaining of when waking in the morning.

5out of 5
27 Jun 2020
Service Rating : Fast shipping & delivery

Product : Good quality kids pillow. Just the right height & softness.

5out of 5
29 Oct 2019
Service Rating : Fabulous pillow. Fifth one I have bought

Product : Excellent pillow. My child loves it

5out of 5
31 May 2019
Service Rating : Very clear and easy to navigate website. I have used your pillows before when I ran a physio practiceso already knew the quality of the product.

Product : Good quality. Easy to remove and wash cover. Comfortable design. My previous purchase lasted years.

5out of 5
18 Apr 2019
Service Rating : Great pillow. Exactly what we wanted. Yes, would recommend them

Product : Works great, what we wanted!

5out of 5
06 Apr 2019
Service Rating : Great products. Excellent service.

Product : Great products. Excellent service.

5out of 5
27 Mar 2019
Service Rating : Great pillow. Very comfortable

Product : Great pillow. Very comfortable

5out of 5
11 Mar 2019
Service Rating : easy order and delivery, very happy with the pillow

Product : very happy, very suitable for my 4 yr old

5out of 5
07 Feb 2019
Service Rating : great pillow great service

Product : great value for a quality pillow

5out of 5
02 Jan 2019
Service Rating : My son loves his pillow and now takes it everywhere! I lobe it too!

Product : My son loves his pillow and takes it with him everywhere. It sits just right on his neck and I no longer have to worry about his posture at night!

5out of 5
26 Nov 2018
Service Rating : Great service, easy fuss free purchase andvproducts arrive exactly as described

Product : 3rd purchase of this pillow. First pillow has lasted 5 years. All my boys use a Traquillow. I wouldn't use anything else

4out of 5
08 Oct 2018
Service Rating : Good, ny daughter sleeps well now.

Product : My daughter sleeps a lit better now. Very happy with it.

5out of 5
29 Aug 2018
Service Rating : Will not buy anything else for my kids!

Product : I wouldn't buy anything else for my kids. 110% satisfied

5out of 5
25 Jun 2018
Service Rating : I purchased these pillows for my grand children .Parents state they now sleep really well .I would recommend these pilllows

Product : perfect takes her pillow every where

5out of 5
21 Jun 2018
Service Rating : Nice delivery + q/a at the bottom of the page

Product : Really good quality and comfortable

5out of 5
24 May 2018
Service Rating : Finally I’ve found a pillow low enough. It was great to be able to select exactly what I wanted online and have it delivered so quickly.

Product : Perfect for adults who don’t want their necks pushed forward by thick pillows.

4out of 5
09 May 2018
Service Rating : Prompt delivery.

Product : I have been using your brand pillow for over 30 years and used to purchase the Small Soft Tranquillow but in my last purchase of it I found the size had increased (or maybe I had shrunk!) and so it was too high for me and I found it too hard. So I swapped to a memory foam and it was worse. This time I purchased a child's pillow as it was lower in height and I thought being a child pillow it would have been softer, but I've found it to be too low and still too hard. I have a very sensitive neck and skull from surgery 22 years ago and find pillow purchasing difficult. I have gone back to my old Tranquillow but it is still too hard on my skull.

5out of 5
05 May 2018
Service Rating : Fast delivery pillow is perfect for me very happy.

Product : So comfortable exactly what I'd hoped it would be.

5out of 5
05 Jan 2018
Service Rating : Very prompt.

Product : Very prompt delivery. Thank you.

5out of 5
30 Sep 2017
Service Rating : Great pillows for kids and fast delivery!

Product : Very happy with the kids' pillows.

5out of 5
22 Aug 2017
Service Rating : Faultless!

Product : Perfect and my daughter loved it from night 1!

5out of 5
10 Jul 2017
Service Rating : Super fast transaction, service and delivery and excellent quality pillows for adults and toddlers!

Product : My 3 year old loves her pillow.

5out of 5
11 May 2017
Service Rating : Loved the promptness and affordable shipping

Product : The pillow is comfortable and hopefully will lead to a better sleep for our household :)

5out of 5
29 Apr 2017
Service Rating : Fantastic Service. Same day responses via email. Shipped fast. High quality product.

Product : High Quality. Perfect height for my 3 year old. His neck is in good alignment. I can honestly say he has slept better with this pillow. He wakes up fresher and with more enrgy

5out of 5
23 Feb 2017
Service Rating : I have a Therapeutic pillow since 2015 and love it. Now my two grandchildren have child too. They sleep so much better now.

Product : Now my two grandchildren have one child too. They sleep so much better now.

5out of 5
30 Jan 2017
Service Rating : Fast service and good quality products.

Product : Perfect size and thickness for my 3 year old boy. He loves this pillow.

5out of 5
25 Jan 2017
Service Rating : Good

Product : The only thing I don't like is the length, this pillow is a lot shorter and doesn't fit a standard pillowcase. It would have been good if it was a standard length

5out of 5
21 Sep 2016
A little expensive.

4out of 5
26 May 2016
Service Rating : The order was dispatched promptly and arrived within standard Australia Post in good condition.

Product : The pillow would be comfy but it has a toxic-like smell. I let it 'air out' to give it a chance to release its fumes in the spare room for one week, and you could smell it as you walked into the room. Even now, weeks later with a good quality pillow case I do not feel comfortable giving it to my child as a smell remains when you put your head on it. The pillow was a waste of money. Perhaps this is a characteristic of memory foam. I did query the smell with the company I purchased the pillow from, and asked if it needed to be washed or treated before use, but I never received a response.

5out of 5
24 May 2016
Service Rating : Delivered a few days after order.

Product : Good product, smaller than expected.

5out of 5
22 Mar 2016
Service Rating : Fast delivery

Product : Has helped my daughter stop snoring and helped with spinal alignment

4out of 5
28 Feb 2016
Pillow arrived quickly

5out of 5
23 Feb 2016
Service Rating : great service, fast delivery!

Product : Has helped my child to stay in his own bed through the night

5out of 5
08 Jan 2016
Service Rating : Exactly as described

Product : Perfect size for a 4 year old

5out of 5
27 Oct 2015
Service Rating : Fast easy ordering - very fast delivery.

Product : Value for money.

5out of 5
02 Oct 2015
Speedy shipment,great correspondence and very happy with the product.This is my second purchase of these pillows.They are wonderful.

5out of 5
31 Jul 2015
Service Rating : Always a pleasure to deal with and good quality pillows

Product : We will wait till our son turns 2 and moves to a bed before we use this pillow

5out of 5
06 Jul 2015
Service Rating : Great thickness and softness

Product : Pillow is great just that it is not a standard length, unfortunately our kids don;t have small pillow cases either so they are not only too short in a single bed but the pillow case isn't filled, this was disappointing and we don't really understand why!

5out of 5
02 Jun 2015
Service Rating : Smooth transaction.

Product : The pillow itself is great, and my son is very comfortable on it. However, the pillow case is really poor quality material. It's thin and doesn't look like it will last long. I don't know if replacements are available for purchase, but if so, I hope they are better quality.

5out of 5
26 Mar 2015
Service Rating : Fast shipping

Product : Great product perfect for our child

4out of 5
30 Jan 2015
Service Rating : Speedy delivery

Product : My daughter is only 3 but seems happy

5out of 5
21 Jan 2015
excellent customer services, prompt delivery, highly recommended

4out of 5
09 Jan 2015
Service Rating : The pillows arrived promptly

Product : I covered the pillows with pretty pillow cases . My daughter tells me on receipt of their new pillows , our grand daughters threw away their old pillows and installed their new pillows and seem to be enjoying them . One lies on her tummy , the other twin on her back .

5out of 5
18 Dec 2014

5out of 5
01 Dec 2014
Service Rating : Very fast delivery

Product : My daughter loves it.

5out of 5
14 Nov 2014
great pillow for my son.

5out of 5
21 Jul 2014
Very happy with my son's pillow. He just love did it!

5out of 5
06 Jun 2014
Service Rating : The first order needed some verification ( which was very quick though) and the second time it was so flawless. We never received anything quicker here in Brunei. Thank you. Would recommend it for any of my friends.

Product : Very nice pillow but do not use it a lot yet as my daughter really loves the U shape pillow which I used when I was pregnant.

5out of 5
27 May 2014
Service Rating : The pillows arrived very quickly, great service

Product : Ive used the adult therapeutic pillows and wanted them for my grandsons when they move into a bed. I like that they are small enough for first time pillows

5out of 5
16 Mar 2014
Service Rating : Quick delivery

Product : Great for our 3yo

4out of 5
05 Oct 2013
Service Rating : Good

Product : good

4out of 5
03 Oct 2013
Service Rating : prompt delivery thank you

Product : no complaints from the kids comfort wise. only thing is for me is that the pillow is too small for a standard pillow case.

5out of 5
30 Sep 2013
Service Rating : Love the product. This is my second Therapeutic pillow.
It would be nice to have free postage though.

Product : My son likes it very much.

4out of 5
29 Sep 2013
Therapeutic pillow's service was fine however
the delivery company of choice was bad at communicating delivery details.

5out of 5
28 Sep 2013
i have a disc protrusion in my neck so the pillow allows me to get the best sleep possible pain free

4out of 5
17 Sep 2013
Service Rating : Pillow came promptly

Product : Pillow was for my 3 year old who took some time adjusting to it however now seems to like it.

5out of 5
05 Aug 2013
Service Rating : Very quick service

Product : My 2 years old started sleeping through the night once we startd using the pillow- vey happy mum and dad : )

4out of 5
05 Aug 2013
Service Rating : Very quick service

Product : My 2 years old started sleeping through the night once we startd using the pillow- vey happy mum and dad : )

5out of 5
04 Aug 2013
Service Rating : Excellent

Product : My child has a great nights sleep compared to his other pillows previously
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