Tranquillow Childrens Pillow
Tranquillow Childrens Pillow
Tranquillow Childrens Pillow
Tranquillow Childrens Pillow
Tranquillow Childrens Pillow
Tranquillow Childrens Pillow
Tranquillow Childrens Pillow
Tranquillow Childrens Pillow
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TGA ListedYes
Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods NumberNo.174455 Device: Pillow
Pillow Size32 cm deep x 58 cm long x 8 cm and 7 cm high.
Inner Foam Options100% Open cell 'breathing' urethane foam. Memory foam (Visco Elastic) or Traditional foam
Outer Cover100% Cotton
Country of ManufactureAustralian Made
TGA Listed Device
Australian Spinal Research Foundation Supporter
NDIS Registered Provider
Hypoallergenic Foam
GECA Certified Foam

Memory foam pillow for kids aged 4-5 years

At just the right height for 4-5 year olds the Tranquillow Children's Pillow contours to the child’s head and neck, taking pressure off the shoulders and helping to maintain correct spinal alignment.

A range of features to help care for your child while they sleep

    • Choose from two options – softer memory foam or firmer traditional foam
    • Gentle contours to the child’s head and neck for gentle support
    • Constructed from one piece of super-soft quality Australian made foam
    • The same dimensions as a standard sized pillow but with less height
    • One side of the pillow is slightly higher than the other
    • Great for asthmatics or allergy sufferers
    • Fits standard pillowcases
    • 100% cotton cover that’s easy to remove and wash

Designed to help 4-5 year old kids sleep better

The Tranquillow Children's Pillow is designed to help children aged 4-5 years get a tranquil night’s sleep.

As children grow, the support they need from their sleeping pillow changes. In order to support their growing bodies and encourage correct postural alignment during sleep, it’s important they have a pillow that is the right height for their size.

One side of the pillow is slightly higher than the other to accommodate for differences in personal comfort needs. You can also choose between two types of foam fillings - memory foam or traditional foam.

Great for asthmatics and allergy sufferers as airways are supported encouraging better breathing patterns.

Proudly Australian made  

All our pillows are proudly designed and made in Australia and recommended by Australian Health professionals. They meet our strict quality standards and live up to our mission of helping Australians to sleep and feel better.


Made specifically for children aged 4-5 years

The lower profile is designed to suit very young children and provide gentle, yet supportive comfort for your child’s head and neck.

Helps ensure airways are kept open during sleep

Great for allergy sufferers or asthmatics, the pillow supports correct alignment to help keep the airways open during sleep.

Two foam options

The single piece contour pillow is available in either super comfort memory foam or extra support traditional foam.
Australian made and owned

Proudly Australian made & owned

Our pillows are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian family owned and run company, using world class manufacturing and health and safety standards.
Designed by health professionals

Designed by health professionals

We consult with Australian chiro’s, physio’s, osteo’s and naturopaths to design therapeutic products that provide relief from discomfort caused by a range of health conditions.

See What 5000+ Customers Are Saying

Service Rating : The service was fine.

Product : Unfortunately the pillow has a very strong smell so my daughter won't use it.

28 Mar 2022

Service Rating : Far too hard. Hurts the head to lie on it.

Product : I don’t understand the question I have already told you it is far too hard. Shall I tell you again.

03 Jan 2022

Service Rating : Shipping arrived super fast even in Covid! Thank you! Super comfy for children great for posture.

Product : Love the pillows great size for children.

15 Mar 2021
Fast Delivery Australia Wide

Fast Delivery
Australia Wide

Designed and Recommended by Health Professional

Designed and Recommended
by Health Professional

Rated 5 Stars on Feefo in 2021

Rated 5 Stars on
Feefo in 2021

Registered NDIS provider

Registered NDIS

95% of our Products Made in Australia

95% of our Products
Made in Australia

Questions & Answers

Heat is rarely an issue with any of our pillows. They are all open cell soair does pass through them. They do mould to the shape of the neck and headwhich does mean there is a little more surface area on the skin but inreality it is not an issue as far as heat is concerned.
Hi Lucy, I really dont know to be honest but would probably assume everyone uses a pillow of some sort so perhaps i would say all people with exception of children under three and perhaps 2% of the population? If you base the Australian population at 24.2 million.It we estimate the under 3s who dont use a pillow (about 6% of population) plus the 2% ( educated guess who sleep without a pillow??) who don't use a pillow and you have 1.936 million non users. This leaves 22.26 million Australians who do use a pillow!Hope this info is helpful in some way. Warm regards, Brett.
Hi Kellie, The pillows are a standard style so should fit the childrens just fine (albeit maybe a little loose). We use the slips on my boys pillows - their first pillow - which are a little smaller than the childrens tranquillows. Please let me know if you require any further assistance. Warm regards, Brett 03 8585 6685
The Childrens Tranquillow like all our traditional and memory foam pillows is made here in Melbourne. Being a foam pillow the vast majority of its ingredients is Polyol (which is derived from Petroleum). It is non toxic and non reactive so shouldn't be any issue with that. We also have an additive called ultrafresh which is an antimicrobial agent to stop mould and other nasties growing in the foam. More info can be read on the ultrafresh website to put you at complete ease.
I tend to recommend the traditional foam pillow for children as i think it is a good to get the true feel of a contour pillow from an early age. Most children are pretty resilient can get by with out the shape moulding comfort of the memory foam. Also if your childs room is cool in the winters the memory foam might sometimes feel a bit firm
Hi Mel, If your daughter is on her tummy then you want something low for her. I would recommend the childrens tranquillow pillow It may be too low for her but if she is on her tummy you definitely dont want to high as it will twist her neck. I would be trying to encourage her to sleep on her side over time. Please call us on phone if you do wish to order and will pop a latex insert which will give it some extra height and can be put in once she gets used to the product. Anything else please let us know on 03 8585 6685 Warm regards, Brett.
The difference between the two pillows is that the traditional holds its shape while the memory foam will mould to the shape of your childs head. All our foam products have an additive called ultrafresh which will prevent mould from growing. We have a warranty on defect or manufacture error and will replace product but no exchange for change of mind.
Hi Richard, Heat is rarely an issue with any of our pillows. They are all open cell so air does pass through them. They do mould to the shape of the neck and head which does mean there is a little more surface area on the skin but in reality it is not an issue as far as heat is concerned. Please call if i can be of further assistance in anyway. Warm regards, Brett.
Hello, Yes we do have those slips available. They are the same size as the childrens traditional pillow slips. under childrens slips call if we can be of more assistance.
Hi Bianca, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. for your 10 year old i would recommend the naturelle latex pillow in low size which should give good support for your child and is a step up from the childrens range. For your 6 year old the family pillow junior will be the best option as a full size pillow (so they feel just as big as your older child) but in the lowest possible height. Hope this info helps and please call us on 03 8585 6685. Warm regards, Brett Parnham
Hi Karina,Please find the specs below. I would say the memory foam version would be more suitable for your requirements as it probably has a bit more give in it and your head will mould into the shape of the pillow. Please call if we can be of further assistance. Warm regards, Brett.
The pillow covers are 100% cotton but are not organic. The pillows are hypoallergenic but do require pillow protectors to keep them that way. Eventually perspiration and body contact will penetrate foam if protectors are not used.
Hi Robyn, While we dont recommend sleeping on the stomach as it will put extra strain on your neck a smaller pillow like the childrens pillow would be the way to go. Basically something that is as low as possible to give you comfort but not push up your neck. Please let us know if we can help with any further questions.
Hi Desi,The best way to protect the foam of the pillow is to use a pillow protector. We make one in a special small size and will prevent sweat or any liquids from staining the pillow. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
Hi Carey, The pillow does come with a slip and extra slips can be purchased at the same time when placing order. Being a specialty pillow most slips will be too big for them though it would be easy enough to make up slips if you so choose. Warm regards, Brett.
Hi, just a thank you to Christina and her manager for the best customer service ever received! We have happily purchased Tranquillow pillows from this company over the years. Amazingly good company. Many thanks.
I would recommend the family pillow junior pillow. It is quiet low which is what your child will require and has good support for their first pillow which is what they will require. My child is 3 and a half and has just gone onto that pillow. You can order online and we will ship out directly for you next day. Will be 3-4 days for delivery to Singapore. Freight quote can be seen when making order. Warm regards, Brett.
Hi Kim, we suggest a low pillow. TheTranquillow children's pillow should suit both girls. The lower side of the pillow for the youngest and either side for your oldest. Kind regards, Anmaree 03 8585 6685
Hello, Yes we changed the length and width of the childrens pillow about a year ago based on feedback from users who said they had trouble finding pillow slips to fit and also that little kids wanted a pillow that looked like a big kids pillow. We left the height exactly the same so the pillow should still be perfect for kids of the right age. That said i think we may have some of the original style floating around so will take a look and see. Can you let me know your practice name by replying to brett (at) regards, Brett.
Hi, depends on her size, frame etc. Important not to be too high for her neck. Their First pillow is 5 & 6 cms and the Tranquillow children's pillow is 7 & 8 cms in height. Please feel free to call us on 03 8585 6685. Kind regards Anmaree
Hi Tarek,Please call us after Easter and we can discuss . Kind regards Anmaree03 8585 6685
HI Julz, I would recommend the childrens tranquillow for your 3.5 year old and the family junior for your 5.5 year old. You should get approx 2-3 years out of both and then can upgrade your older child to a new pillow and give the family junior to your younger one. The 8 year old pillows will be too high in my opinion for both of them at this stage. Happy to discuss further at your leisure on 03 8585 6685 if you require. Warm regards, Brett Parnham03 8585 6685
Hello Tse, the childrens tranquillow is 6cm in the middle. I have also updated on the website specifications so thanks for bringing this to my attention. Warm regards, Brett. (03) 8585 6685
Hi Mary-Anne, Their First pillow is 58w x 36d x 5 and 6 cms high. The Tranquillow Children's pillow is 32 w x 58l x 8 and 7cms high.Kind regards, Anmaree 03 8585 6685
Hi Winnie,Depending on the size of your child, if your child is on the smaller side, you may find Their First Pillow would be suitable.If your child is tall and bigger build, our Tranquillow Childrens Pillow would be suitable. This pillow is made in either memory foam or traditional foam also.I hope this information helps, if you would like a more personalised opinion, please contact us here on 03 8585 6685 and we will happily advise you.Warm Regards,Cristina
Hi Emma, I have used the traditional foam childrens pillows for my kids 4 and 5 and they have really liked them. They are a bit more affordable too. Unless your kids really want memory foam i would just stick with the traditional foam.Warm regards, Brett Parnham 03 8585 6685
Hi Lily, If the junior family is too low then i would probably recommend the childrens tranquillow particuilarly if you are sleeping on your back on most of the time. Happy to chat on 03 8585 6685 if we can be of assistance. Warm regards, Brett Parnham03 8585 6685
I think that will probably be a bit big tbh. I would probably recommend this one instead. think the family junior which is for 6-8 year olds will be a bit too big at this time unless he is a bigger kid. You can order online direct to the UK at anytime and will be dispatched same day or next. Warm regards, Brett Parnham.
HI Lindy, This pillow should be perfectly fine for you if you prefer a lower height contour pillow. The contour will give you benefit and we sell a lot of these for adults also particularly if they sleep on their tummies. Anything else we can help with just let me know. Warm regards, Brett Parnham03 8585 6685
Hello, The childrens pillow dimensions are 56 cm wide x 38cm deep x 8 cm and 7 cm high.Please let us know if i can be of further assistance in any way. Warm regards, Brett.
Yes we can supply covers seperately for any of the products.
No they do not. The issues in that story are to do with flame retardents added to foams which is a requirement in the US and EU. We do not add any flame retardents to our foams in Australia. Warm regards, Brett Parnham03 8585 6685
I think our lower pillow the Their First Pillow would be the best option for you. It is designed for 2-3 years of age. Warm regards, Brett.
Hi CC, The memory foam will be a bit softer but in my opinion the traditional is just fine for kids. Happy to chat further at any time. Warm regards, Brett03 8585 6685

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