What is the true reason older people don't have a good night sleep

The belief states that old people don't have a good night rest

Elderly couple sleeping

Elderly couple sleeping

Even if the conventional belief states that old people don't have a good night rest, the latest research has proven the contrary, showing that the older you get, the better you sleep. The results have been gathered from a survey which has shown that among 150,000 adults with ages between 70 and 80 had fewer complaints involving sleep disturbance in comparison with those with ages between 18 and 24. Therefore it has been proven that sleep improved over the course of the years.

The difference between the sleep quality among middle aged men and women

Old man snoring

Old man snoring

The survey has also found that there is a slight difference between the sleep quality among middle aged men and women, and besides menopause and work-related stress, there are also a few diseases which may disturb the sleep quality, such as the sleep apnea and other health problems. Depression is another factor that disturbs a good night sleep.

Taking all this in consideration, those who are older and complain about sleeping problems are actually sick, and they should go to visit a doctor in order to get treated. Therefore, it is not aging that causes sleep problems, but rather the health problems, which shouldn’t be ignored. Right now it has been proven that older people actually sleep better, and thus the sleep quality improves with time.

However, there are many people who still guide their knowledge about sleep according to the popular belief, and this happens because older people tend to take longer to fall asleep, having more awakenings. Therefore the healing functions tend to happen less in older people. However, even if objectively speaking their sleep seems to be worse, their sleep experience is actually better.

This research is essential and it proves that a bad sleep quality shouldn’t be attributed to the old age, since there are many healthy people in their 80s who have a great sleep. Therefore, if you see old persons having sleeping problems, you should start thinking about the fact that they are actually ill, and not just old. These findings are very important, and in this way people can easily find out whether they suffer of a certain illness or not.

The myth concerning sleeping should be destroyed

These findings are essentials and they help us understand better the sleep, which is important not only because it offers a good rest, but also because it helps the immune system with its responses. Even if the necessary sleep quantity decreases with the aging process, the quality actually increases. Therefore the myth concerning sleeping should be destroyed because there are many people who believe that it is all right not being able to sleep during the night, ignoring some possible serious problems.

Now that you know the truth, you are able to easily take care of yourself Now that you know more about these studies, you can easily observe your sleep, being able to analyze its quality. If you are healthy, then you have a great sleep during the night and you don’t have to worry.  

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