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Travelling can be quite enjoyable as long as you get some amount of rest during the trip. As more and more people are spending lot of time away from home the accessories that can add an element of comfort to the journey are considered indispensable.  

People are willing to spend money on products like travel pillow as it can make you feel rested and rejuvenated at the end of even a long trip. Whether you are travelling by plane, train or a four wheeler a travelling pillow is one of the essentials that can make your trip a comfortable one. A good travel pillow should give you comfort in different sleeping positions and should prevent any possible strain to the head, neck, back or shoulders.

U Shaped Pillows

The most common travel pillow is a u shaped one that goes round the neck and offers support to the neck when you are taking a nap in the upright position. The U shaped pillow is the most ideal one if you are on a budget and do not want to spend too much for a travel pillow. There are  collar models which are similar to the u shaped pillows but provide additional support to the neck and the chin too. There are J shaped travel pillows where the tail of the J supports the neck just like a u shaped pillow. 

But this pillow additionally supports the chin and offers comfortable cushioning to the side and back of the head. There are other models of pillows that look like a small block after inflating them and then you can put it on your legs and rest your head  on it and go into a slumber. Many travelers will vouch that this model is very comfortable even though it may draw the attention of your fellow passengers.  Some people say that bending forward and sleeping may put some strain on the back. Wedge shaped pillows provide support to the back and the spine. Cylinder shaped travel pillows can be used to support the neck or the back.

Foam Filling within Travel Pillows

Most of the non inflatable travel pillows use foam filling that offers good support. There are different foams and depending on the type of the foam used the firmness, quality and life of the pillow will vary. Pillows with memory foam are hot favorites as memory foam molds to the shape of the head and neck and relieve the stress points. Memory foam pillows offer better support and comfort than regular foam pillows. Some people do not prefer memory foam as it is not a breathable material and hence can cause sweating. Travel pillows with beans or beads offer good support but they have a slight disadvantage of being heavier than other travel pillows.

Most of the cheaper travel pillows use polyester or a combination of cotton and polyester as the filler material. They may be soft and comfortable but may not offer good support. These pillows are easy to wash and are hypoallergenic so they are usually preferred by travelers who are more prone to allergies. Wool pillows which are costlier than the polyester ones also are easy to wash and are soft. The extra price you pay for the wool pillows should not be a deterrent for you when you want to buy them as these are more durable than the polyester pillows.

Travel Pillow Ideal Size

If you end up buying the wrong product you can end up with a stiff neck rather than feeling rested after the journey. Lot of extensive research has been done in this area and manufacturers have come up with designs that enable you to take a nap even in tight spaces and upright sitting positions. These pillows are also designed to be compact and easy to carry. 

Travel pillow has to be small so that they can be carried anywhere and yet should be big enough to provide good support. If you are travelling in a car or a train the size of the pillow may not be an issue and you can pick the pillow that best suits your needs. While you are flying since there is a limit on the amount of baggage that you can carry into the cabin you may have to carry only a small one. Inflatable pillows may work in that kind of situations as they occupy very little space when they are deflated. Some users do not prefer the inflatable pillows as they have to be blown and they do not offer strong support like the non- inflatable pillows.  When buying an inflatable pillow you will have to check how easy or difficult it is to inflate and deflate the pillow. It should not be an uphill task to inflate the pillow.

Travel Pillows for Children

There are a few models that are specifically designed for children that come in cute animal shapes. Usually the child’s travel pillow will have Velcro to hold the pillow in place. Having a removable cover to these pillows makes it easy to clean. 

It is very important to take the time to understand the features of the different models of travel pillows available in the market before purchasing one that is right for you. The effort and time you put in to educate yourself will help you find the perfect travel pillow for maximum comfort .

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