Top Tips to Prevent Neck Pain

There are many reasons for a person to suffer from neck pain. This can range from a motor vehicle accident that caused a cervical strain, to a cervical herniated disc or cervical stenosis. Treatment for neck pain can also vary, and just like treatments for other medical issues, not one remedy will work for everyone. If you suffer from neck pain, you will want to find the neck pain remedy that works best for you.

One of the most important ways to find a neck pain remedy is to choose a pillow. Finding the right pillow for neck pain can take a little bit of research, but the rewards can make a huge difference in your life. You will want an orthopedic or cervical pillow. These are the same, but companies often call them different names. These pillows are contoured to provide support for the area under your neck and head, and will keep your neck and spine in alignment.

The position you sleep in can be important. Experts recommend sleeping on your back for best spine alignment, but if that is too uncomfortable and you must sleep on your side, your pillow should not be too thick.

Lifting your computer screen up to eye level, or reducing the height of your chair is also a good way to keep the muscles in your neck strong, and reduce neck pain. There are exercises you can perform to strengthen the muscles as well.

Instead of placing your telephone on your shoulder and tilting your head to hold it in place with your ear, try using a headset at work, or a Bluetooth for your cell phone. This position places unnecessary strain on your neck muscles.

As mentioned previously, there are many exercises you can do throughout the day to improve the strength of the muscles in your neck. Find a few that are comfortable for you and perform them through the day. If you find that the results are not what you are expecting, try to do different exercises on alternating days to improve your muscle strength.

Staying hydrated is also important. The space between the vertebrae of your back are called discs and they are mostly made of water. Drinking water throughout the day keeps your discs healthy, as well as the many other health benefits you can receive from staying hydrated.

Distribute the weight you carry on a daily basis evenly. Do not keep a purse on only one side. Try using an over-the-shoulder bag to distribute the weight. Change sides frequently so that your shoulder gets a rest. Switch hands you carry your briefcase in often as well. Reduce the amount in your purse or briefcase as well. Do not care unnecessary items.

Maintain good posture to prevent slouching. Today, many people look down at their cell phones, causing a slouch in their neck and shoulders. Lift the phone up to eye level and push your shoulders back, as your parents used to remind you when you were younger. It is more important than you realise.

Trigger-points are places in your lower neck that are caused by small knots in the muscle or fascia. There are exercises and massages you can do on your neck to release the tension, and thereby release the pain in these areas.

Practice safe driving to prevent whiplash from accidents. We can’t account for other drivers, so make sure to choose a vehicle that has a head restraint that has a high rating.

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