Top Pregnancy Pillows: Giving Best Start To A Good Night Sleep

Pregnancy can be an exciting time full of new life experiences, different sensations, and often surprisingly, sleeplessness. A burgeoning belly doesn’t exactly make for the most comfortable sleep at night. Add in circumstances such as heartburn, nerve pain, muscle cramps, and varicose veins, and you’ve got a recipe for a restless night. Expectant mothers-to-be know that they are bound to get less slumber once the baby is born, but missing sleep before the bundle of joy even arrives can be unexpected, uncomfortable, and unwelcome. A pregnancy sleeping pillow can be a useful asset to help get comfortable and obtain that much-needed rest before welcoming a little one home.  

There are many cushions designed specifically for pregnancy on the market, but knowing what will work best for each individual depends on which features you might be looking for. Certain expecting mothers may want full-body support, while others may want smaller and more compact padding. Because of the growing popularity of pregnancy pillows in Australia and around the world, whatever features are desired, there is likely a maternity pillow that can help provide what you need.

The Health Benefits of PregnancyPillows

Many pregnant mothers prop a few cushions behind them, between their legs, and under their belly while seeking comfort at night. However,regular bed padding can shift throughout the night and can end up on the floor or lost in the sheets. Anysleeping partners who share their bed with an expectant mother are likely all too familiarwith the experience of their pillows being stolen in the dark of night to support a growing belly and an aching back. But whether you’ve got a single cushion or enough padding for a pillow fort, regular bedding just isn’t designed to do all that a pregnancy sleepingpillow can do.  

A specially designed pregnancy support pillow can help alleviate the pain and pressure in the back, neck, and knees that many women experience during pregnancy. A maternity cushion can also improve circulation and help align the spine correctly. Many sleeping supports adjust to different body shapes and sizes as well as diverse belly shapes and sizes. Specialty maternity paddingcan be used at any time during pregnancy, and not just for belly and back support. These special pillows can also be used for heartburn relief and as a breastfeeding aid once baby arrives.

Give Yourself a Slice of Comfort

A pregnancy wedge pillow helps in all stages of pregnancy and beyond. Heartburn is a common ailment among pregnant women no matter the trimester, but elevating the upper body by sitting propped on a triangular pillow can impede the stomach acids from coming up and burning the esophagus. In the later stages of pregnancy when it’s no longer safe to sleep on the back due to the possibility of cutting off blood and circulation, and sleeping on the stomach is no longer an option, awedge cushion can support the abdomen and lower back while lying on the side. These special supports can also elevate the legs to help reduce leg cramps and assuage swelling feet and ankles.  

A pregnancy wedge pillow is designed to give maximum support to the belly, while still being small enough not to impede breast comfort while sleeping. Wedges contain firm, stable padding that ensures a comfortable fit against the body, and they can help relieve pressure on the spine by supporting the back muscles. Because of its dense padding, the support won’t roll away or off the bed, and most covers are removable and washable. These specially designed slice-shaped pillows often have an insert available in order for the cushion to start small but be adjusted to a higher angle as Mom’s belly and baby grows, making it a purchase that will last through all trimesters of pregnancy.

Sleep Easier on Your Side

Side sleeping during pregnancy helps direct proper blood flow to the placenta and the baby, and it relieves pressure from the spine. Since side sleeping is the only option available to pregnant women as their belly grows, side-sleeping support pillows, available in many different forms and proportions, offer neck and head support for the expectant mother. Shortness of breath is also common in pregnancy as the uterus expands and places more pressure on the diaphragm, making it harder for a pregnant mother to breathe. Side-sleepingpaddingcan help elevate the head and upper body so that an already cramped diaphragm has more room to inhale properly.  

A U-shaped pregnancy support pillow can deter sleepers from rolling onto their backs in the night, and can help take the extra weight and pressure from agrowing uterus off the back muscles. L-shaped supports have the advantage of being long enough for use under the head as well as between the legs, helping to support hips properly and reduce strain on the head and neck. A maternity support cushion, which is shaped like a butterfly with a thin bumper in the middle, is like two pillows in one. Because a flat bumper joins the separate supports of the padding, they won’t shift around in the night. These cushions help support the back and the belly, diffusing pressure throughout the body so that the body can relax more comfortably. The bumper in the middle is thin to fit all shapes and sizes.

Uses Beyond Pregnancy

Many women find their maternity pillows so comfortable that they continue usingthem post-partum and years beyond.  

Wedge pillows can be used to help support breastfeeding, as these supports can help position the baby in the right spot to ensure a good latch. If the new baby happens to suffer from acid reflux, propping the baby up on a wedge pad after a feeding can help reduce reflux and allow food to digest easier. A triangularcushion can also help with snoring, as it elevates the head and helps air flow clearly through the nasal passages. 

Get the Sleep You Deserve

New mothers might be nervous about exposing themselves to the unknown materials and substances that exist in different products. Pregnancy pillows made in Australia by a nativeworkforce means you know where your beddingis coming from and that you’re supporting a local economy and workforce.  

If you’re searching for a baby shower gift, pregnancy pillows make a great present for expecting women to help them get the rest they need. Because of their many uses beyond pregnancy, maternity bedding and cushions are a gift that keeps on giving, and will be used for years to come. With a maternity cushion, expectant mothers can help relax and give body aches and pains a rest. New mommas can be comfortable enough to get some much-needed sleep, and partners will love that their pillows aren’t getting stolen!

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