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Getting Enough Rest During Pregnancy Using a Full Size Pillow

Full Size Pillow

It’s important to eat right, get prenatal care, and get enough rest during pregnancy. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to get adequate sleep in the months before your baby is born. Like many women, you may have trouble sleeping due to the changes in your body that appear when you are expecting. The good news is that several of these problems can be alleviated by using a full body pregnancy support pillow. Here are some of the common pregnancy sleeping complaints that can be eased with a full body pillow.

Tossing and Turning

Your health care provider will advise you against tossing and turning at night. It is essential for your health and the health of your baby that you sleep on your side only. That’s because the major vein that circulates blood to your lower body is compressed by your growing uterus when you sleep on your back. Eventually you will not be able to sleep on your stomach, either, so you’ll need to train your body to stay on its side all night.

You may have trouble staying on your side, and find yourself waking up in the midst of tossing and turning. A full body pillow extends from your head all the way to your feet, and can be positioned to keep you resting on your side. You won’t wake up in a panic, worried that you have been compromising your circulation or putting pressure on your belly.

Restless Legs

Many pregnant women find falling asleep difficult due to the constant need to move their legs. A full pillow can help calm your legs when they are jittery and restless. These pillows have enough length for you to easily wrap your legs around them or even to squeeze them. This can soothe your legs and let you drift off to sleep.

Nasal Congestion and Snoring

Pregnancy can trigger your nasal passages to swell, causing you to become more easily congested. You may also snore even if you never did before you became pregnant. Full size pillows support your upper body, and you can adjust yourself to keep your head elevated. This will help relieve some pressure in your nasal passages, cutting down on the snoring and congestion. Having your upper body elevated can also prevent heartburn, another common ailment associated with pregnancy.

Sore Muscles

Your muscles will be supporting a new body shape with weight mostly concentrated in your abdomen. This sudden pressure on the muscles of your legs, hips, and lower back causes soreness and pain. Sleeping in one position all night exacerbates the problem as the same muscle groups are forced to support your belly on its side without a break. A full size pregnancy support pillow can take the pressure off of your muscles at night if you adjust the pillow to cushion your growing abdomen.

Using a full size pillow for support, elevation, and positioning will improve pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy, and you’ll have better circulation and protection for your body and your baby. Taking advantage of the benefits of a full size pregnancy support pillow can get you the rest you need to have a healthy pregnancy.

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