Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy Pillows To Pamper The Mothers - To - Be

Pregnancy Pillows

The nine months of pregnancy can be a period of joy and anticipation. But it also can be a period of discomfort and pain. During pregnancy the body undergoes a lot of changes including hormonal changes. This period can be a very challenging one for a woman and so it is very important that the mom- to- be gets proper rest. As pregnancy progresses it become more and more difficult to sleep because of the weight gain. Research shows that almost all pregnant women experience some degree of back pain. As the baby grows there could be pressure on some of the organs and this in turn will cause pains and aches in legs, lower back, stomach or even neck. After the baby is born the new mother can barely hope to catch 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep as they have to keep waking up every two to three hours to feed the baby and for the diaper changes. So it is all the more important for an expectant mother to get as much rest as possible during pregnancy.

Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Medical experts recommend that it is better for pregnant women to sleep on the sides. Sleeping on the left side has been proven to be a good position for optimal blood flow. Sleeping on the back can cause hindrance for proper blood flow to the baby. Sleeping on the stomach will obviously put pressure on the baby so that is not an ideal position for a pregnant woman to sleep in. If you have been a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper all your life you are sure to find it uncomfortable to sleep on the sides. Sleeping sideways can lead to pain in the hips or knees. Ergonomically designed pregnancy pillows can help a mom-to-be to sleep better and alleviates the pains and aches in the body.  They are designed by the manufacturers keeping in mind the curves in the human body. Pregnancy pillows come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Check with your doctor or a pillow or maternity store to find out the pillow that is best suited to lessen your particular pains.

Pregnancy Pillow Costs

These pregnancy pillows come in different shapes and sizes. The cost of a pregnancy pillow can be in the range of $40 to $ 120 dollars. The price of a pregnancy pillow is based on many factors like the size, the material used, the model and the company that manufactures it. Spending close to hundred bucks for a pillow may not sound like a wise decision but the fact that it helps the mom  to- be to sleep well makes it well worth its price. After the baby is born some models of the maternity or pregnancy pillows can be used to provide the necessary support while breast feeding the baby. So you  can use the maternity pillow during the post natal period too. Many women hold on to their maternity pillows even years after their pregnancy as they find that the supportive structure helps them sleep better.

Hypoallergenic Pillow Materials

Irrespective of the kind of pregnancy pillow you want to buy make sure that your pillow is made of hypoallergenic materials and that they can be washed.  Most pregnancy pillows come with covers but you may want to buy additional covers to fit your pillows so that you can change the covers when it is needed.

Fillers in Maternity Pillows

Typically the filler materials used in maternity pillows are of high quality as these pillows are made taking into consideration the high sensitivity of pregnant women to fibers and odors. Since most of these pillows are used even after the baby is born these are designed so that they are hygienic for both the baby and the mother. Memory foam, organic and hypoallergenic materials are used in good quality maternity pillows. Memory foam molds according to the body shape and reduces the pressure points which in turn provide a cushioning effect. Using natural materials like cotton or wheat reduces the possibility of artificial odors.  Usage of non- organic materials may result in allergic reactions in some women because of the presence of bleaches or dyes.

Full Body Pillows

Some maternity pillows can be full body length pillows and envelop the whole body.  These full body pillows offer mush needed support to head, back, neck and hips. This helps in proper alignment of the  whole body. You can tuck in this pillow between the legs to reduce the pressure on the hips and the lower back. They are typically much larger than the regular pillow that you rest your head on when you sleep.

Pregnancy Wedge Pillows

Pregnancy wedge is one kind of pregnancy pillow that offers support just for the tummy. This kind of wedge can also be placed between the knees to provide support and align the hips, legs and back so that it soothes the pains and aches away. As these pillows are of a much smaller size than the bulky full body maternity pillow it is easy to carry them while travelling.  Wedges can be quite handy as you can prop up your feet on them or use them for support while nursing the baby. Proper placement of wedge is crucial to get best results. The thin side of the wedge should be tucked under the belly. The wedge should be sufficiently close to the body so that the belly is supported well. When you use the wedge properly you will feel the strain released from your hips, back and shoulders.

Maternity Pillow for mother and baby

Having both these models of pregnancy pillows is not a bad option as these will greatly increase the comfort level during bed time and will help a mother to be to sleep better. What better way to pamper a mother to be than to get her a product that will ease her aches and help her rest better. The good health and the comfort of the mother is a must for the well being of the baby.  Don’t think twice about getting a maternity pillow for your spouse or loved one as it will be a gift not only for the mother but also for the baby.

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