Posture Support Pillow Online Purchasing Guide

Selecting the Right Posture Support

Selecting the Right Posture Support

These days, a great deal of work happens at a desk and behind a computer. Sitting for long periods of time, however, may compromise posture. Bad posture is the source of many long-term health problems, including back and knee injury, lower energy levels and even issues with mood and confidence Luckily, posture support pillows are designed especially to help support healthy posture while sitting.

Correct Sleeping Posture

Poor posture comes in many forms. Slouching your shoulders forward puts pressure on your mid to upper back.  Sitting with your hip planted into the seat, such that your knees fall higher than your hip bones can cause a great deal of pressure on your lower back. Depending on what kinds aches and pains follow you after a workday, you may be suffering from the effects of poor posture.

Lumbar Roll Cushion

Different kinds of support exist when it comes to buying a posture support pillow. A lumbar roll is a cylindrical cushion placed behind your mid-back on a chair. It compensates for slouching in that when you are sitting against it, your upper body is forced to stay up and back instead of sinking forward and down. A back form is a flatter, curved cushion placed on the back of your chair that provides less compensation for slouching, but provides support for the spine to fall into a natural curve.

Diffuser Cushions

Other cushions can be placed on the seat of the chair to improve posture. Diffusers are cushions made of durable material, such as memory foam or polyester, to diffuse the pressure on your legs as you sit. For those sitting for long periods of time, it decreases the comfort caused by pressure points, which often prohibits proper posture. Additionally, a wedged cushion not only diffuses pressure, but also provides an angled lift that reduces pressure on the lumbar, and lifts the hips. This also reduces pressure on the knees, which decreases the risk of injury over time.

Light-weight Support Pillows

Most of these cushions and back support pillows are lightweight and can be taken anywhere. They are ideal for not only your office chair, but also in your car on your daily work commute, a long plane ride, or even for sitting at home and watching television.

Cushion Durability

There are different materials that comprise these pillows and cushions. Memory foam provides a combination of comfort and support, and is durable over time. Some back supports are made of mesh, and provide virtually no cushioning, but rather even greater support. When buying cushions, it is especially important to buy a material that won’t wear out too quickly. You are putting all you weight on it, and over time, may lose the support you seek.

Pillows to Prevent Workplace Injury

Workplace injury can be debilitating. Simple habits, such as taking breaks to exercise or ensuring proper ventilation can make your time at work not only more comfortable, but also less likely to cause stress-related long-term health problems. Often, it is easy to ignore the pain caused by poor posture, until a painful injury is sustained as a result of that posture. As it is said, prevention is the best medicine. The use of a posture-supporting cushion will be one of the best prevention techniques you will employ.

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