Is a Pregnancy Pillow Worth Buying

Benefits of Buying a Pregnancy Pillow in the First Trimester

Benefits of Buying a Pregnancy Pillow

Now that you have had the happy experience of a positive pregnancy test you have many shopping decisions to make. While you are comparing cribs, strollers, and changing tables, consider buying a pregnancy pillow. You may not think of a pregnancy pillow as something on the “must have” list, or you may want to wait until your belly has grown into the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. However, it may be worth buying a pregnancy pillow now, as they are beneficial for you in all three trimesters.

First Trimester

Your main complaints in these early days have less to do with uncomfortable sleeping and more to do with the urge to sleep all of the time. Your body is being flooded with high levels of progesterone, a hormone that is likely to make you drowsy. You will need to give in to the need for cat naps quite a bit in the next few weeks. This is the perfect opportunity to put a pregnancy pillow to use. Start training your body the proper way to sleep in these early days when sleep is easy. A pillow shaped to help you lean on one side is ideal for this.

Second Trimester

Your belly may not be huge yet, but you will start experiencing discomfort during your second trimester that can have an effect on a good night’s rest. The good news is that the constant need to nap of the first trimester will pass, and you may find a renewed vigor and surge of energy. Taking advantage of this will be easier if you can avoid some of the ailments that pop up in the second trimester. A pregnancy pillow will be well worth the purchase if you experience sudden snoring and congestion common during these weeks. The contours of pregnancy pillows can keep your head elevated to relieve excessive nasal problems. Some women also use the angled contours to help them avoid heartburn, another issue that often appears during the second trimester.

Third Trimester

You probably imagined a pregnancy pillow as something you would only purchase for your third trimester. Your back will ache due from trying to compensate from your newly heavy midsection, your hips will be sore, and you may retain water in your legs and feet. You will need to get your rest on your side to ensure circulation. While the aches and pains of the last weeks of pregnancy can make sleep a challenge, if you have already trained yourself to sleep on your side with a pregnancy pillow, you will find yourself getting more rest than if you wait to purchase the pillow late or not at all.

Your health care provider will tell you to sleep on your side to protect you and your baby from suppressed circulation in your final trimester. If you invested in a pregnancy pillow and learned to get comfortable early on, this will be much less of a problem. Anything you can do to get adequate rest and offset some of the ailments that pop up throughout pregnancy will benefit your health and the health of your baby. Consider putting a pregnancy pillow on your list now so you can rest comfortably and get ready for what comes after these three trimesters.

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