Guide to Buying Pregnancy Pillows

Guide to Buying Pregnancy Pillows

Guide to Buying Pregnancy Pillows

When you get pregnant, everyone is quick with the tips on dealing with nausea and choosing maternity wear. However, no one seems to bring up the fact that as the pregnancy progresses, so will your reliance on pillows. Many, many pillows. The need at 2 a.m. can become so great that it is not unheard of for a pregnant woman to stealthily steal the pillow right from under a sleeping person’s head to get a few hours of comfortable rest herself. Luckily, pillows are created to fit this exact need and with a little forethought, you can get the one that is right for you so the others in your household can keep theirs.  Here is a guide to choosing a pregnancy pillow.

Length and Shape of Pillows

Pregnancy pillows can come in an array of shapes and sizes, including the following:

L Shape Pillows

  • L Shape: This ergonomically supportive option can reduce strain in the head, neck and back. It can help maintain the side sleeping position, which is important during pregnancy. The L shape supports proper circulation as well as muscular relaxation.

Simple Support Cushions

  • Simple Support Cushion: This pillow has two vertical parts with a flat section in between. One of the cushions snugly fits behind, preventing the woman from unintentionally rolling onto her back while asleep. The other supports the uterus.

V or U Shape Pillows

  • V or U Shape: This particular shape can be helpful in supporting the head and neck during sleep as well as when simply reclining. It also can be used between the knees to support proper spinal alignment. It can help post-partum with comfortable positioning during your baby’s feedings.

Full Length Pillows

  • Full Length: The full length pillow is one of the longest options and can be used in a multitude of ways. It can be wrapped entirely around the expectant mother, easing pain throughout the body and giving support to the uterus and belly, the back, and the knees.

Wedge Support Pillows

  • Wedge: This is a small support pillow that is placed below the belly to lift and reduce strain that accompanies a growing midsection. The wedge assists in keeping the hips and spine aligned.

Pyramid Cushions

  • Pyramid: Whether you are suffering heartburn, hiatal hernia or another issue that requires your upper body to be elevated, the pyramid cushion can help you maintain a reclined position while you sleep or relax.


The pillow you choose will be spending every night with you for months and, hopefully, also share a few naps here and there. It will be close to your face and body so you want to make sure the internal makeup of the pillow is working for you and not against. Hypoallergenic, organic and memory foam are a few filling options that you may want to check into to ensure the best fit.

Versatility of Pillows

While support during your pregnancy is imperative, choose a pillow that can also be used post-partum. You may consider a pillow that can assist with breastfeeding positioning or offer support with a trouble spot such as chronic back pain.

Easy to Clean

Seek a pillow that is easy to clean or comes with a cover that can easily be slipped off and thrown into the wash. During pregnancy, you may experience hot flashes and bouts of sweating while asleep. Once the baby arrives, there will likely be many other reasons to freshen up the pillow. Time is not always on your side during this phase so give yourself the consideration of ease.

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be a string of pain-filled nights. Find a pillow that can help you get the rest you need during this time.

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