Fact vs Fiction - Feather & Down Pillows

When it comes to feather and down pillows, many people are confused about the filling materials. As a result, some people prefer feather or down pillows while other may prefer pillows filled with other materials. Here are some facts about feather and down pillows to help you dispel any pillow myths.

Down, Feathers and Allergic Reactions

Down is often attributed to allergic reactions. However, the allergy caused by feathers appears rarely and the allergic reaction may actually be the result of dust mites and mould, which can thrive inside a pillow. Down and feather pillows often become more allergenic with age as the contamination of the filling continues to increase. Therefore, your down and feather pillows should be replaced with new ones roughly even 6 months.

Down Pillows Are Not Animal-Friendly

Down feathers are not harvested in a cruelty free manner. In fact the feathers may be plucked from live birds. In addition, some birds may be slaughtered for meat and then boiled in order to loosen the feathers. These feathers are then removed by hand or by using a machine. If ending animal cruelty is important for you, opting for pillows that are made from other filling materials is probably the best option. Supporting these practices by buying down and feather pillows only causes the industry to continue producing these pillows. Instead, you may choose to opt for pillows that have synthetic or plant-based filling materials.

Down and Feather Pillows Trap Heat

It is true that you may feel uncomfortably warm in bed while using down and feather pillows. These pillows can trap heat, leaving you feeling uncomfortable at nighttime.  In addition, since the pillows can not easily air dry, sweating into your down and feather pillows each night could make it harder to sleep. In the summertime using down and feature pillows may cause you to feel uncomfortable while you sleep. In cooler weather, down and feather pillows draw in heat for more restful sleep.

Cleaning These Pillows Is Difficult

When you clean your feather and down pillows, you may shorten the lifespan of your pillows by cleaning them improperly. If you want to help your pillows to last longer avoid using the hot setting on the dryer as it can scorch the filling. You also want to avoid leaving a wet pillow to sit in a damp area, which can attract mould.

Down and Feather Pillows Must Be Maintained

Down and feather pillows can lose their shape over time and become lumpy if they are not properly cared for. Avoiding moisture and not drying the pillow on high heat can help the pillow to retain its shape. You may also have to periodically fluff the pillows to ensure that they can still hold their shape. You may need to take some time to find the right pillows for your needs. However, if you aren’t a fan of the extra maintenance required for down and feather pillows, you may need to find other options for filling materials.

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