Comfortable Pillows for Pregnancy

What Type of Pregnancy Pillow is Right for You?

Type of Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy can be an amazing, joyous, and sometimes difficult nine-month journey. While you are on an emotional rollercoaster of excitement and nervousness, you will need to handle the enormous physical changes as well. One way to soothe the aches and pains of pregnancy is to use special support pillows. There are a variety of pregnancy pillows that help comfort many of the physical complaints you’ll encounter during these nine months.

Side Sleeper Pillows

There is one change to your sleep habits that your health care provider will recommend right away. You know that you will not be able to sleep on your stomach, but your practitioner will also tell you to avoid sleeping on your back. Your enlarged uterus will put pressure on the major vein that circulates blood to your lower extremities. It’s important to sleep on your side for your health and the health of your baby. You can start training to sleep this way with a side sleeper pillow. They keep you comfortably resting without rolling over.

You also may experience breast tenderness. This is another reason training with your pillow will be beneficial. Keeping your weight off of your breasts will keep you soundly sleeping instead of waking up to adjust your body if you roll over onto your stomach.

Body Pillows

Your sleep habits are most likely about to change due to aches, increased snoring and congestion, and restless legs. A body pillow can help relieve symptoms in addition to keeping you on your side. These pillows are long enough to provide support from your head down to your ankles. You can angle your body as needed to keep your knees and hips at a comfortable angle, give your restless legs something to squeeze, and give your head enough elevation to relieve the snoring and congestion.

Body pillows will be a larger addition to your bed, so if you don’t think you’d like to be surrounded by pillow or you have a very small bed, a side sleeper might be a better choice. If your main complaints are problems with comfortably placing your legs and hips, a body pillow is your best option.

Support Cushions and Wedges

There is no question that you will need to learn to rest on your side, but if you already sleep that way, you may not need a body pillow or side sleeper. If you don’t think you would be comfortable with a larger pillow than you are used to, you still should consider some extra support for your belly. Your back and hips are supporting extra weight in your midsection, and sleeping on your side all night will put a lot of pressure on your muscles. You may feel the need to rest your belly on the mattress, but that can leave your spine out of alignment, causing further aches and pain. Pregnancy cushions and wedges designed specifically to support your belly can prevent this discomfort. These types of pillows sit under your belly, taking the weight off of your back and hips.

Keeping aches and pains to a minimum will allow you to get more sleep and have more energy to prepare for motherhood. Being well-rested and sleeping on your side for good circulation are important during pregnancy. Finding the right type of pregnancy pillow for your needs will make your nine-month journey a little easier and healthier for you and your baby.

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