Choosing the Right Pillow for Ideal Comfort and Support

Getting Ideal Comfort and Support From the Right Pillow

Getting Ideal Comfort and Support From the Right Pillow

Choosing the right pillow for ideal comfort and support can seem rather intimidating with all of the many choices that you have available. Being comfortable is a matter of personal preference and finding the perfect pillow for you is about narrowing your choices down based on a series of personal preferences. Pillows should be replaced regularly to prevent health problems from materials breaking down and from mold and mildew growth, giving you the perfect excuse to find something new and better.

Pillows for Different Sleeping Positions

You can start with just about any criteria that you want to, but one of the easiest ways to choose a pillow is to start with your preferred sleep position. The right pillow or series of pillows for you will depend largely on how you sleep. Sleeping on your back will require different pillows than sleeping on your side, for instance. The most relaxing and rejuvenating sleep is one where your body is allowed to relax into comfort that supports the natural curves of your body. Experts recommend that if you sleep on your back, then you should have a thinner pillow under your head and a small pillow under your knees to support the natural curve of your spine. This will keep your neck from straining too far forward and potentially blocking your airway. Contoured pillows can help back and side sleepers support the natural curve of the neck during sleep while still offering a comfortable place to lay your head.

Different Pillow Fillers

Choosing the right pillow will also have a lot to do with which stuffing material you prefer. If you want something soft and do not mind having to fluff your pillow on a regular basis, then a feather or down pillow might be what you need. If you would rather have something firm that still cushions then, then you should look into the types of memory foam pillows. You can also choose pillows which are stuffed with polyester, water, or many other things. Be sure to keep any allergies in mind when you are pillow shopping as some materials are more likely to attract dust mites than others.

Pillow Shape & Size

The size and shape of your pillow will be one of the largest factors in determining what you buy because you can choose to go with one large body pillow or several smaller pillows and still have the idea set up for your preferences. Many side sleepers, for example, choose to have one large body pillow that they can put their head on and keep between their knees at the same time. This can promote the proper alignment of the spine and really help those with back and hip problems. A body pillow can also be ideal throughout a pregnancy because it can offer support of the growing belly.

Replacing Your Old Pillow

It is recommended that you replace your pillow every one to two years for optimum health benefits and comfort. This is a good excuse to find a new system that can work better for you. Once you know what pillows are recommended for your sleeping style, what materials you prefer your pillows to be made from, you will be ready to choose the size, shape, and number of pillows that you need. Finding ideal comfort and support from the right pillow or pillows can lead you to healthy benefits that come with a well-rested body.

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