Choosing Best Pillows and Pillow Accessories

How to Pick the Perfect Pillow for Better Sleep

There’s nothing worse than hearing your alarm go off in the morning and realizing that you never fell asleep. While there are many reasons that could be contributing to this problem, a large part of why you may not be sleeping well can be traced back to the pillow that your head rests on at night. If you want to feel more rested in the morning, it may be beneficial to purchase a new pillow.   

Analyze Your Sleeping Position

When you go out shopping for a mattress, you likely pick out one that matches your specific sleeping style. The same should be true for when you select a new pillow. For instance, if you sleep on your back, you may be better off with a pillow that is a little bit more firm. In comparison, if you sleep on your side, you’ll probably be more comfortable if you buy a pillow that is softer and allows your head to sink right into it when you climb into bed. Think about what position you mainly sleep in at night before you go out and buy a new pillow.

Think About What You Like

Have you ever stayed at a hotel or a friend’s house for the night and fallen in love with the pillow that you slept on?  Before you start shopping for pillows online, think about what you liked about that particular pillow. For instance, take a second and analyze the firmness of the pillow and how it formed to your head and neck when you put your head on it. Doing this will give you a better feel for your ideal pillow.

Do a Test Run

When you go to buy a new car, you take the car on a test run to find out how the car drives and if you like how it feels when you sit in the passenger seat. You should go through the same type of process when you go to buy a new pillow. Although you may not be able to go a whole night using a certain type of pillow, gather up the extra ones that aren’t on your bed from the rooms of your children and the guest room in your home and take a few minutes lying on each of them. Analyze the differences between them and what you liked about each separate pillow.

Experiment With Different Types

These days, pillows are so much more than a pocket of fabric filled with weathers. Now, you can find all kinds of different pillows designed to improve your comfort and ability to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. For instance, some pillows contain magnets to improve your circulation as you sleep while others are elongated at the bottom to provide better support if you have a longer neck. As you go throughout the pillow selection process, don’t feel like you have to stick with a traditional pillow and experiment with new and innovative types.

Once you have your new pillow, you may be surprised by how well you sleep at night. Remember, you should replace your pillow about once every two years. If it’s been longer than that or you’re having troubling sleeping, a new pillow may be the perfect remedy.

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