Back Pain: Understanding the Problem & Finding Relief

You turn over, first on one side and then the other but you just can’t get comfortable. You glance over at the clock, it is after 1am and you can’t believe your back pain is keeping you up again. The next day, you get up from your desk and it hurts just to straighten out. You have switched desk chairs, tried different sitting positions and it seems like your lower back pain still disrupts your day. You wanted to hit the gym after work today but you cannot imagine how you can go through the paces when you feel this bad. One of the big problems with back pain is when your back hurts it feels like everything hurts.

If you suffer from occasional or chronic back pain, you are not alone. According to the Consumer Reports Health Rating Center, approximately 80% of adults suffer from back pain occasionally. More than half of those back pain sufferers felt that the pain seriously restricted their daily routine for a week or longer and for most of those afflicted with back pain, 88% reported it returned throughout the year.

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