Anti Snore Pillows

Anti-Snore Pillows For Restful Nights And Active Days

Snoring Couple Trying To Sleep

Snoring Couple Trying To Sleep

I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that getting a good night’s sleep is of paramount importance if you want to be able to cope with the demands of our present day fast paced lives. If you do not sleep properly then you may wake up feeling tired and will not be able to function at your personal best either physically or mentally. Our bodies need proper sleep to rejuvenate the body. The functioning of the brain slows down after extended periods of sleep depravation. You lose your ability to focus and think clearly when you do not sleep properly. A person who slept fitfully during the night tends to become irritable. Without proper sleep over extended periods of time the personality of the person can change from cheerful to grouchy.

If your bedroom partner snores then you can completely understand how difficult it is to sleep ignoring the loud and annoying snores. Nudging them to wake them up in the night so that you can get some sleep may not work for long. Whether you snore or your partner snores neither one of you can get a good night’s sleep. This in turn could build a current of underlying resentment in your personal relations. Jokes are made in the social circles at the expense of people who snore. Snorers face lot of embarrassment while travelling or when they are away from home as their snoring disturbs other people even though they do not intend to cause any disturbance.

Usually an obstruction in the breathing airway causes snoring. So snorers themselves are sleep deprived along with their bedroom partners.  In some cases where there is severe snoring it could lead to serious health conditions as the supply of oxygen is not adequate.  These low levels can make a person feel tired and restless during the day time. Medical advice has to be sought in cases of severe and chronic snoring to rule out the possibility of serious medical conditions like sleep apnea. Sleep depravation over extended periods of time could lead to high levels of blood pressure too. Typically people who are overweight or obese tend to snore more. Snoring could also worsen with age.

Snoring is caused when there is a blockage to the free flow of air in the passages of both the nose and the mouth.

Woman sleeping on her side

Woman sleeping on her side

One of the easiest way to solve the snoring problem would be to get an anti snore pillow. When you sleep on a regular pillow your head will be at a higher level than your spinal column and the chin will bend down towards the chest and this position will lead to a potential restriction in the air passage ways. The anti snore pillows help by aligning the position of the head and neck relative to the spine in such a way that there is no chance for obstruction in the air passage ways. Some pillows help to keep the airway open by keeping the chin forward and by keeping the chin at a suitable distance away from the chest. 

After extensive research companies have came up with different kinds of anti snore pillows that are specifically designed for either back sleepers or side sleepers. Typically the anti snore pillow is thinner in the central area than the rest of the portions. Considering that people tend to snore more when they sleep on their back than sideways the common form of anti snore pillows are meant for back sleepers. Some of the pillows for the back sleepers have an elevated panel that makes it easy to turn the head a little to the side and this helps the person breathe without any obstruction in the air passageways. But in addition to this kind there are other varieties that have been designed to help sleepers who sleep sideways or in any other position. Contoured pillows are available in the market that is meant specifically for side sleepers.

There are pillows that come with a valve so that you can deflate or inflate the air levels and make it adjust to suit your comfort. Some pillows are designed in such a way that they move left or right slightly by themselves. When you are sleeping muscles in the air passage ways will relax and that causes snoring. The movement caused by the pillow will in turn lead to flexing of the muscles in the air passage way and helps to clear the obstruction and will allow free flow of air.

It is imperative that you do proper research before buying a pillow so that you can buy one that best suits your sleeping position and that fits your budget.

A lot of scientific research has been done in this field and a wide variety of anti snore pillows are available in the market. Anti snore pillows are available in the range of $45 to $100. The price may vary depending on the design, material of the filler used and the covering material.  Usually the covering material is made of anti allergy material.  There are pillows that come with removable covers that can be machine washed. 

Deep and comfortable sleep during the nights will help you stay hale and healthy for years.   If you have not heard about ‘beauty sleep’ till now you will have to ask people who will  vouch for the important role that sleep has in keeping your youthful looks and radiant skin. Good sleep keeps the risk of premature ageing and wrinkles at bay. Choose to make a healthy decision today and reap the benefits of a longer life later. Even though you may feel that anti snore pillows are expensive they are well worth the price you pay for them as a good night’s restful sleep for you and your partner is priceless.

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