7 Tips to Control Snoring

Snoring can cause many health hazards that will not only affect your sleep, but your relationships. The most common health issues involve the heart, with stroke and arrhythmia being highly prevalent. Snoring can also lead to frequent headaches and nocturia. The type of snoring remedy you choose will depend on what works best for you. Not every option will work, so it is important you find the one that fits your lifestyle. Start with changing the position you sleep in. Studies have shown the tongue and soft palate collapse, creating a vibrating sound while you sleep. You can try to force or teach yourself to sleep in a position other than on your back, or you can attach a tennis ball to your pajamas, which will force stop sleeping on your back. As much as people dislike the subject, weight can be a major factor in your snoring. Too much weight can place a strain on your throat. Losing weight will not only lessen your snoring, but it will also help other health concerns you may have.

Alcohol may also contribute to your snoring. If you drink alcohol too close to the time you want to go to sleep, you may contribute to your snoring. It is in your best interest to not drink alcohol at least four hours before bedtime. Sedatives can also work the same as alcohol and contributes to the muscles in the back of your throat relaxing too much, causing snoring. If you work long hours, and often go to bed overtired, you are directly contributing to your chances of snoring. A very easy snoring remedy is to get enough sleep. Enough sleep is important for everyday function, and is being fully awake is probably important to have a successful day at work. Have your snoring ever increased while you were sick? This is because of your sinuses swelling from inflammation. This is also the case when your snoring starts in your nose. Your nasal passages are swelling, and finding a way to open the passages will help reduce your snoring. There are several ways to open your nasal passages, ranging from a hot shower, saltwater saline spray, neti pot, or nasal strips. Find one that fits your lifestyle and preferences. Drinking plenty of water can also help reduce snoring. Do not drink milk or eat ice cream before going to bed, but a glass of water or two will actually do more good. It is important that you drink the recommended glasses of water every day to stay well hydrated and reduce your chances of snoring. It is recommended that you drink at least eleven glasses of water if you are a woman, and sixteen glasses if you are a man. One of the last things you can do as a snoring remedy is to replace your pillows. Dust mites accumulate in your pillows just like your mattress. It is important to keep your pillows fresh and replace them at least twice a year. Dust mites also collect on your ceiling fan, nightstand, and headboard. Keep your bedroom clean and free of dust to help reduce your snoring. It is recommended that you clean your ceiling fan weekly, and that you fluff your pillows in the air cycle every couple of weeks. Looking for a new pillow? Visit our website to find our many selections available to help reduce your snoring, as well as an enjoyable night’s rest. We have snoring pillows that will place your neck in the appropriate position, and also keep your body in a position of comfort. We look forward to helping you with your sleep needs.

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