Chiropractic Practitioner Supplies

Are you a Chiropractor or do you manage a Chiropractic Practice and require Wholesale Chiropractic products and pillows for your patients?

Our range of Chiropractic Neck Pillows, Chiropractic Supports, and Chiropractic Comfort Products will add value to your practice and benefit your patients. 
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We can then help you to decide which products will benefit you and your patients. 
Our products are Exclusively Available through Australian Health Professionals and are the Chiropractic Pillows of Choice for most Australian Chiropractors. 
Wholesale Chiropractic Pillows and Practiioner Products for your practice with no minimum order quantities.
It is that simple!
We can also Drop Ship Chiropractic Products direct to your patients and can set up your own online store with no ongoing management for you. Just ask us how.  
We have been the leading manufacturer and supplier of Chiropractic Pillows in Australia for over 40 years so please contact us to help with your practice needs. 
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We also have a great range of other practitioners' products. 
Our range includes : 
Chiropractic Lumber Rolls - to support every size and shape, 
Chiropractic Supports - for every part of the body, 
Chiropractic Pregnancy Supports - for both pregnancy and post-childbirth,
Children's Chiropractic Pillows - a range from 2 years old up to teenage years. 
Chiropractic Sleep Apnea Solutions - for everybody to get comfortable no matter what their requirements are,
Body Pillows - for full-body support while you sleep, 
Chiropractic Heat Packs - maintain warmth and comfort while you sleep or rest or to be used in specific places. 
Chiropractic Seat Wedges - give better lumber
Chiropractic Mattress Alternatives - our range of toppers will give comfort and support to any mattress. 

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