What sets us apart

We are an Australian Family Business

We are an Australian-owned family business that prides itself on the fact that every one of our postural comfort products have been designed in consultation with health therapists including medical practitioners, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists.   Everything carefully and thoroughly thought through, and while others may try and copy they never ever get it quite right because they always compromise on quality!

40 years on and going strong

Therapeutic Pillow Australia & Thera-med started from scratch in 1972 with a single contoured pillow, and has quietly developed the contour pillow range and broadened the scope of focus to the point where we are now the largest producer in Australia, and perhaps the world, of quality comfort items that are designed to encourage the natural alignment of your spine and body … whether sleeping, sitting, or just relaxing. And of course there’s also our purpose designed circulation-enhancing products that improve blood flow thereby aiding the natural healing process, as well as our range of comfort items for pre and post natal use by mums. Not stopping there, Therapeutic Pillow Australia's research and development team continue to work on new comfort products and consistently enhancing and upgrading the old ones…

We work closely with Health Professionals Australia wide

Customer loyalty is also one of our strengths, and we have maintained strong relationships with health therapists from day one … in fact many who started with us over 30 years ago are still purchasing our products for their patients. We’re loyal to health professionals and their patients, and they’re loyal to us.  In fact it is this relationship that gives us the feedback that we incorporate into new product development. They know what their patients need, and we make it. It’s that simple!

We are fast!

We also pride ourselves on our service, and because we manufacture everything we always have product ready for delivery next day, or soon after. Order one item, or 101 items, and you’ll receive it quickly and without fuss. Service with a smile … and we’re proud of that.

So that’s us, that’s what sets us apart. A long history of product development, and a long history of focusing on quality. That’s why we’re still here, and we’ll continue to listen to the marketplace and innovate so that you will always be able to find the product that suits you best.