Physiotherapy Practitioner Supplies


Are you a Physiotherapist or you manage a Physiotherapy Practice and do you wish to provide Australia’s most recommended range of physiotherapy contour pillows and practitioner products to your patients? 


Our physiotherapist range will provide your patients with great value products while at the same time contributing to your practice revenue stream
Our Physiotherapist recommended contour neck pillows, support and comfort products will add value to your practice and benefit your patients. 
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Health Professionals choose Therapeutic Pillows Australia products first and they are the preferred choice for more Australian Physiotherapists
High quality Wholesale priced Physio Pillows and Physio supplies for your practice.
We can also Drop Ship the products direct to your patients and can give you your own online store for direct sales from your website
We have been the leading manufacturer and supplier of Physiotherapy Pillows and Supports in Australia for over 40 years so you can be sure you will be looked after with both products and service.

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In addition to contoured neck pillows our range includes:  

Physio Lumber Rolls - back support for every size and shape, 

Physio Supports for everyone and every part of the body, 

Physio Pregnancy Supports - both pre and post-birth. 

Children's Physiotherapy Pillows - for toddlers and up. 

The physiotherapist recommended Sleep Solutions - different solutions for different sleep requirements.

Body Pillows - full body support for comfort while you sleep. 

Physiotherapy Heat Packs - natural heat packs to help with aches and pains. 

Physiotherapy Seat Wedges - better posture through better sitting. 

Physiotherapy Mattress Atlernatives - might mean the difference between a costly new bed and simply a better more supportive overlay. 

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